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Thread: Old quest gear skins

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    Old quest gear skins

    While the new gearing system is nice gameplay-wise, it is sad that we have to lose armor skin variety to do so. Might it be possible to add the old quest skins in game as purchasable from a vendor? Or perhaps as a reward from the questline alongside the upgrade components, but just as images instead of gear. Besides the old quest armor, it would be nice if the old profession armor skins could be sold by the Blue Salt Vendors too. I'll be honest and say that knowing that these are gone has killed my enthusiasm for Unchained somewhat. One of the fun things of Archeage was being able to put together your own unique look. Now we all have the same gear and only that. It takes away the previous variety. Also, according to this reddit post, the different racial armor skins for the new quest armor can't be used as images to place over other armor. So although the appearance cycles between skins, we can't use them for imaging. Even if we could, leveling up another set of armor to put the image on top of would require more synthesis material, currency, and upgrade scrolls.

    As for costumes, I know for myself that I will still buy some (like the witch one, for example). I would just also like for the old armor skins to be back to customize my character with those too. They don't have to conflict.

    Here's a list of the old quest armor skins:

    Firran armor:
    - Whisperwind Cloth
    - Halfmoon Leather

    Harani armor:
    - Clan Alliance Cloth
    - Sandstorm Leather

    Warborn armor:
    - Floralbalm Cloth
    - Pale Rainbow Leather
    - Solemnspun Cloth
    - Penitent's Leather
    - Expiator's Plate
    - Freestorm Cloth, Leather, Plate

    Tigerspine Mountains armor:
    - Arach Cloth
    - Stalking Tiger Leather
    - Automaton Plate

    Mahadevi armor:
    - Hal Hahpa Cloth
    - Steadfast Queen Leather
    - Anvilton Plate

    Solis Headlands armor:
    - Solis Cloth
    - Kalia Leather
    - Old Imperial Plate

    Villanelle armor:
    - Lovestruck Cloth
    - Drunken Blade Leather
    - Sea Watcher Plate

    Silent Forest armor:
    - Shadow Cloth
    - Silent Leather
    - Grave Relic Plate

    Elven armor:
    - Ancient Devotion Cloth
    - Councillor's Leather

    Nuian armor:
    - Labyrinth Cloth
    - Crescent Leather

    Dwarven armor:
    - Summer Leaf Cloth (female / male)
    - Steelwind Leather
    - Feyleaf Cloth
    - Iron Road Leather
    - Golemtech Plate
    - Barefoot Barley Cloth
    - Reindeer Tribe Leather
    - Bronze Peak Plate

    Lilyut Hills armor:
    - Bitterwind Cloth (female / male)
    - Jaya Leather
    - Ducal Plate

    Dewstone Plains armor:
    - White Crow Cloth
    - Guide Leather (female / male)
    - Moondrop Plate

    White Arden armor:
    - Hereafter Cloth
    - Crossroads Leather
    - Guardian Plate

    Marionople armor:
    - University Cloth
    - Caretaker Leather
    - Queenguard Plate

    Two Crowns armor:
    - Eclipse Cloth
    - Full Moon Leather
    - Ezna Plate

    Post-30 armor:
    - Skybright Cloth
    - Jester King Cloth (female / male)
    - Lost Prince Cloth
    - Wandering Scholar Cloth
    - Red Sun Leather (female / male)
    - Abyssal Leather
    - Plains Song Leather
    - Buried Legends Leather
    - Moonblaze Plate
    - Royal Guard Plate
    - Yaksa General Plate
    - Bright Futures Plate

    The self-suffiency quest gear in Dewstone and Mahadevi:
    - Barkbridge/City of Towers Cloth
    - Feuille Sound/Safari Leather
    - Sandcloud/Suntower

    Blue Salt Brotherhood armor:
    - Alchemist
    - Chef
    - Craftsman
    - Farmer
    - Gatherer
    - Miner
    - Rancher
    - Tailor
    - Woodcutter

    In addition to the missing quest skins, there are also the dungeon skins from Palace Cellar and Sharpwind Mines:
    - Purified Monk Cloth
    - Punished Believer Leather
    - Anguished Monk Plate
    - Cunning Thief's Cloth
    - Quick Robber Leather
    - Vicious Thug's Plate
    - Rogue's Cloak

    As well as the skins from the crafted armor, Obsidian:
    - Obsidian Cloth
    - Obsidian Leather
    - Obsidian Plate

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    I'd like to second this request. I bought a fusion alembic on the PTS, because I love the heck out of the look of the Hal Hahpa / Purified Monk cloth set, and always have. I'd love to reskin this onto higher level armor as I continue to level. As a roleplayer, it's important to me that my character fits a certain look, while still being able to defend myself if I encounter PvP while in-character.

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    Definitely a big AGREE from me. A lot of those armors were really cool. I remember hoarding them all and even choosing the ones I liked best over what my class needed. Despite that I still spent tons of money on costumes in the cash shop as well; fashion-age was a pretty big deal for a lot of people! These armors can easily be added back in via mob drops, armor merchants, a mirage isle vendor, or even on the cash shop (if you really must).

    But for some of us returning for Unchained, the game that's meant to be bigger and better, and finding out that a lot of what we loved has been taken OUT of the game? Its honestly a bit disappointing. Really hope to see a fix for this!

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    I was wondering about what happened to these sets. My Nuian on Legacy wears the Harani top, miner's pants and a pair of boots from the cash shop from Halloween and it looks really sharp. How sad I was to find all of the old Blue Salt quests and other armors gone, or redone so they can't be placed over a higher-level armor anymore. I would love to see a return of this system. While I like costumes, I preferred the armor pieces for mix and matching. It also worked well for trying to get a specific look that was immersive in the setting, rather than immersion-shattering with many costumes.

    Please bring them back!

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    I completely agree.
    Having more imaging options is always terrific. Plus I've always felt the in game armor is a lot of times far better than the oft times silly or just out of place cosmetic costumes found in the cash shop.

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    Definitely agree with this /signed

    Always loved the variety of armour looks and styles as i travelled through the world, would be a shame to lose so many good options for costumes just to sate the thirst some have to hit max level as fast as they can...not everyone had the same desire to rush at the expanse of lore and things such as this.
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    Many of these designs were extremely useful for costume effects. Removing the vocation outfits prevents one of my favorite combinations. Please let them be available, if only for the cosmetic purposes. That said, please don't put them behind a paywall. >.>
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    I've always dressed my characters mostly in low-level armor because I really don't care for many of the costumes. It would be great to see these discontinued armor pieces resurrected as armor skins. And they would be perfect for the cash shop.

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    Totally agree! I miss the variety so much~
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    Please, yes. Give us the old armors.

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