Just came back to play the game after months of absence - this is just my personal opinion. I loved this game when I first played WAY bay when. But left bc i got tired of the PTW shannanigans and massive blocking of roadways/bridges to get my packs out of hellswamp, and whales who spent literally thousands of $$. BUT come back to the game (in unchained) full of hope and found some things had been fixed and that was great, but wow....... so many fun things had been removed. Like sailing packs across the ocean, being able to have land in auroria (all GONE now - what the heck happened???) now u can only have homes in Diamond shores, and Whalesong? THAT is crap and messed up! Are they going to reopen the other zones for housing? Doubt it! (seeing as how they have completely destroyed the game continuously.) And we all just got the notice that ArcheAge2 is in the works - who's going to play? I am making a promise to myself - I can see first hand the total destruction that has taken place in THIS game - as well as the original ArcheAge - I don't think after paying for both - i will be jumping on the bandwagon to play a 3rd type of ArcheAge - unless somehow they find a way to restore the trust players have in them AND Gamigo has nothing to do with running the game here in the west.