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    Remove laboour pots and dilligence

    By removing labour pots and dilligence coins you could make a better pass as these are guaranteed money and so guaranteed ways to lvl gear (P2W)

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    Good evening!
    I would like to start with the fact that you are making global mistakes, which were made by almost all localizers of this game.
    This project was the most unique and had no analogues. A project in which real money did not give an advantage in the game. But everything has changed and you also decided to bend in pursuit of profit.
    You position yourself as a team that communicates with the players and listens to them, but this is not so.
    A huge number of players wrote to you that the decision you made about the pumpkin archepas was not correct, but you ignored it and decided to increase the number of tasks performed, just to shut everyone's mouths.
    You notice that there is an outflow of players and still continue the dynamics of pumping out money.
    The previous archepas gave everything you need for a comfortable game and was suitable for both pvp players and pve and vegetable gardens. With the introduction of so many rewards, and most importantly, battle pets in the premium set, you are breaking the balance of the game towards those players who have more money. This means that these are the first steps into the abyss and the outflow of players.
    You still have a chance to change your mind before it's too late.
    We all understand that you need to live on something, but why do you solve this problem in this way? it may be worth spending more time on working out the monetization of the project, and not just introducing items for real money that break the balance of the game.
    I'd like to believe that you are not liars and will listen to the opinion of the players and return the old archepas and remove the things that give the player an advantage in premium archepas.

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    I'm sad to see the kyrios badges have been reduced. I have to queue for long periods of time to get into FFA. If adding more into the ArchePass isn't a thing, perhaps we can buy them with honor?

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    Labor and dilligence should not be in the premium pass at all! As long as these are in there, it is just pay2win pass
    This is not something you can earn in game by putting more effort in

    Also, new players should have access to the old, superior archepass or they will never catch up

    And having to do 20 quests per week instead of 12 for the same result is no improvement imo, getting these archepass quests done is just a chore it is not much fun

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    If the archpass is 5 tiers a week it only needs to be 10 missions a week not 20 thats an insane amount of missions for the labor and mats, i still don't want to do it please change it. I don't have labor to gear i certainly don't have labor to do multiple archpasses even though i got multiple accounts, u gone to far with the amount of missions ye increase the tiers cause we were only getting 3 a week lel which was shameful now 5 but increased to 20 missions that's when i stopped doing it cause we don't have enough labor for that. It was part of the game that was fun which has been ruined, please i beg of u reduce the missions keep 5 tiers and 10 or 12 missions, it can't be that hard to change. Don't be grinch or scrooge be santa we've all had a bad year.....

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    if you lack income..

    why not reduce the costume prices to an appropriate amount so people can feel good about their purchase rather than contemplate paying 20-40 euros for a single costume.

    Additionally, enabling stuff like server transfers or name-change for credits would be a fair thing that both the company and the players can profit from.

    you could also introduce a beginner archepass for let's say 5 euros containing stuff like basic stat costumes, undergarment, pyjama parts or a good allrounder glider. You know, something that isn't really beneficial to anybody except newer players who have suffered from the previous archepasses.

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    I'm pleased with these Archepass changes. Thank you for listening to us & fixing that.
    I would like to point out that offering most *decor* (decor that previously, over the years, had been available in credit packs) in festivals and archepass rewards instead of in bound credit packs that we use our credit/debit cards to PURCHASE directly, is just bad business sense. Please consider firing and replacing your marketing department, who is quite obviously going hard on the 'sabotage Gamigo' tactic.
    Offer us ALL of the Christmas decor in the marketplace - both in packs and individually (especially each item individually so that we can buy 40 skeins of christmas lights at once if we very well want to). Thank you for your time and consideration

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    I am happy about the ArchePass changes. I would like to make another suggestion: change the Kyrios badges to 70 basic 30 premium, such that we get 100 a month if activating premium. Right now, it is very hard for most people to get into arena queues without a dedicated group.

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    Thanks for all the positive post feedback about what Gamigo could add to the game about my suggestion <3 just constant quote reply it, so that message is always bumped <3 then we just pray for the best


    and if yall have any ideas to add, lmk, and I'll edit the post

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    Make us choose what lootdrop stone/belt we can get


    I maxxed out my wolf pet, but the archepass gives a powerstone, I'd like the belt instead.


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