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Thread: Can you please make packs worth it again?

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    Can you please make packs worth it again?

    Pack price Demand % needs to recharge faster. I can single-handedly tank prices for weeks on end. Especially larder prices.

    Specialty Pack prices need to be atleast 25% higher. As they are now they are barely breaking even with labor cost.

    Fish need to be worth like 50% more. Its not worth fishing for most people.
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    The economy is definitely broken. The big problem with packs is that the larders aren't worth running. The returns per labor are well below other activities. That can happen when you price fix certain items in a game (or economy). To fix this, you lift the 130% cap on demand so larders are more profitable, or tie turn-in prices to something else of value in the game. You know, like onyx! (Lol) Until they offer better incentives on larders, only the alt armies will run packs.

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    They ninja nerfed all trade packs again. Why? I don't understand why you are trying to kill your own game. You are the new Activision/Blizzard.

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