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    ArcheAge: Unchained EU and NA Maintenance - September 24th

    Hello everyone,
    The scheduled weekly server maintenance will be on Thursday the 24th of September, the downtime is expected to last 3 hours for both NA and EU.

    The times for this maintenance are as follows:
    EU: 7:00am UTC
    NA: 5:00am PDT

    Changes this Maintenance:
    • Fixed an error where male character's necks were displayed abnormally when wearing the Dread Guard Armor
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    Women's costumes protrude abnormally when they have long hair!

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    Lightbulb The Cargo Ship and the dozens of alts

    Hey friends.
    Can you make changes to the way the cargo ship works?
    because I say this. Well because the port area is saturated with dozens of alts which make the game right there too saturated and whenever I'm there I'm disconnected or with incredible lag.
    Maybe if you reduce the number of people who can enter the ship, the trip between both ports will be motivated, and more movement of real players can be seen doing Cargo and even pvp.

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