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Thread: Gold income progression vs Gear progression

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    Gold income progression vs Gear progression

    unchained has been out there for a while and people maxed out their ways of income a long long time ago while the gold required for gear progression is increasing at a ridiculous rate and this caused and still causes many players to quit and also it increases the gear score gap between gold buyers and players who dont.
    a while ago there were ways to make more money - level up merchants, upgrade your farm carts all the way to a freighter, get more farm lands etc etc.
    but those ways were maxed long ago and now the amount of work u have to do to upgrade a single piece of gear is redicolus. how many trade runs do u honestly expect us to do? how many sunken ships? how many bundles to plant?
    you really need to consider implementing ways to get more gold into the economy that are avaible for higher gearscored people otherwise the game will just keep losing players.
    while im at it, can you rething the erenor gear system? that is the most endgame gear and you can actually count on 1hand (or even more like 1 finger) the amount of people who have a full set of it after 1 year in the game, thats redicolus. you designed a set that almost none is going to acquire and thats because the gold progression is nowhere near what it should be for people with higher gear level

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    I completely agree. It gets super depressing to have 9/10 failed listings everyday on AH after putting so much effort into planting/gathering and trade runs for things that used to sell. The economy is completly dead since they made Hiram the only "GO TO" gear (only requiring honor and gold). And because the server is so old, nobody needs farmcart and boat upgrades anymore.

    That makes 99% of the gold making activities dead. I hate having to bypass the AH by only doing activities that directly give gold as a reward like gilda packs. It pains me that gilda dust packs are gone since those at least required more tradable materials like lots of milk, eggs and plants keeping the farming economy alive, now nobody plants chickens or anything else anymore since your only bottleneck is untradable gilda dailies.

    I tried to go back to sport fishing, but that takes way too long to be worth it at a high gearscore. And no matter how dead the server is, it only takes 1 high gearscore pirate to ruin your whole day by jumping you while you left your guard down by looking at fish actions for half an hour while you still have your rod equipped. You can't even fish on your main since all your labor needs to go to infusions and only alts have the luxury to spend their labor on gold making activities. That goes the same for sunken treasures, doesn't matter how dead the server is, it can be only 2 ppl playing the game, once you raised a ship, it gets advertised to the other person who will chase you down in seconds.

    They seriously need to implement more trade pack activities that put more focus on materials that you plant and less focus on gilda dailies. At high gearscore you spend more then 1500 gold a day on infusions and you can't generate that on a dead AH economy. The AH is so sad i even made a list to see what plantable fruit can be sold directly at vendor for good silver/labor values. The only viable one are Baobab Trees but the s/l is still below decent and the time and space required for them isn't manageable. If the AH is so dead for planting make at least vendor prices better so ppl could still have a reason to plant stuff.

    Please for the sake of God, fix the game economy. It's depressing.

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    lel ppl dont grow stuff i hardly see ppl grow anything let alone a lot of trade runs i think all we have left is gold buyers the AH on Alexander and Stena pretty ded, as for gearing well i tried that on FS relised u can blast through 2k gold in seconds i did multiple times i can't earn that sort of gold in game its unsustainable and i have free time 24/7 cause i'm not well so put plenty of effort in but really the rewards are pretty lame, i reckon on the rng gearing u have a 99% fail rate and crystallization constantly i have several pieces of gear fail so need 70k honor its just shameful ♥♥♥♥ty game design, it's all depressing its a p2w design game model to get u to buy but they taken the buying part out and left u with the bones of the game the meat decomposed long ago.

    i used it to be relaxing to to build land houses and decor i enjoy that part but the rest is pretty meh! my main archeum account is broken with no labor and i can't pay taxes cause it says its a free account what a result i just hope they dont mind when i refund it all because that's presently on the cards.

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    They should remove the plant houses, majestic trees and drills from the "buyable item list". It screws up the players that invested to get farm houses etc and now have to sell at ridiculous prices because of those items. The "not pvp" part of game is totally neglected. Normally every proph at 230k is supposed to be able to grow/craft items that no one else can get. But OK, PVP players complained that some items are "difficult" to get, so they took the easy way and did like so many private servers did, give a max by putting stuff available. I really miss the good old times when you had to look for clubhead fungusses and the seeds were not in the "vocation shop". At least you had to look around as player on maps to discover them. This is too ridiculous, it's more a private server system atm than an official one. "Ask and we put it in some shop".

    PS: I also miss the original trade system. That was fun.

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