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Thread: about dream ring quest stuck at Morpheus

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    about dream ring quest stuck at Morpheus

    when i got the Hero version dream ring, want to continue the quest to be next version,
    the quest is ( kill morpheus in the harbor of Growlgate lsle ) but Morpheus does not exist, can't complete the quest.
    is archeage new version change that?
    also hiram ring can't start the quest, kill many times Millennium Mammoths not drop the item for the quest?

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    Morpheus is a world boss that is only up for 2 hours at a time every 8-12 hours (not sure how long he is down for). He will take 4 or 5 people that are 16k GS or higher. Can also be done with a big raid of people.

    As far as the mammoth the drop is just RNG keep killing it and make sure to have your story quests done up to the end of Eastern Hiram Mountains.

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