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Thread: Anyway to change your Hiram gear from one type to another? (ie: Plate to cloth?)

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    Anyway to change your Hiram gear from one type to another? (ie: Plate to cloth?)

    Hi everyone - i'm a returning player after a long absence. I would like to change my Awakened Hiram plate gear to cloth - Is there anyway of doing this so that I don't have to basically start over again? I find the gear system VERY confusing.

    I thought I read someplace that there was a scroll that would allow you to change your gear from one type to another?
    Ty so much for any help on this topic

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    The scroll you read about was a possible reward from an event.
    This means you can't get it on your own right now. You can only buy it from other players.
    And you need 1 scroll for each item.
    The scroll allows you to change armor types of Hiram T3 and T4 (not T1, maybe T2, not T5) or Library (not sure if T1+T2; definitely not T3).

    Switching between the amor types keeps gems, temper, lunafrost, images and reroll attempts. This is good but it also means that you don't really have a lot of reroll attemps when you need to switch some of your synthesis effects and your gems still need to be replaced for class/armor specific slots, e.g. magic defense gems -> physical defense gems.
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