Hey everyone,
Here are the current work-in-progress patch notes for the Chronicles Update. Please note, these patch notes are Work-In-Progress and not yet final. Final notes will be available after the patch.

Calleil and the Crown Prince
Travel to the Hall of Warriors to learn more about the mysterious things happening in the Hiram Mountains, and uncover the story of the False Prophet Calleil in a new questline called "Calleil and the Crown Prince".
This 28 quest long questline is the first of many stories to be told in the Chronicles recorded by Lucius Quinto and focus on some of the less spoken about, yet definitely prominent characters living in Erenor.

To unlock the first quest "Stranger in the Mountains", open the Chronicle Quests UI using Shift+L and pay the required small amount of Gilda Stars and Gold.

Jola the Faithful
○ Upon defeating Jola the Cursed, Jola the Faithful has a chance to spawn.
○ Defeating Jola the Cursed has a chance to drop Improved Leader's Infusions
• Improved Leader's Infusions can be dropped at any grade between Rare and Epic
• Improved Leader's Infusions can be used to upgrade World Boss Gear

Vicious Meina and Relentless Glenn
○ Defeating Glenn and Meina has a chance to spawn their tier 2 NPCs.
○ Defeating Relentless Glenn and Vicious Meina has a chance to drop Improved Leader's Infusions
• Improved Leader's Infusions can be dropped at any grade between Rare and Epic
• Improved Leader's Infusions can be used to upgrade World Boss Gear

Raid Rosters
Raid Leaders with more than 1,000 Leadership in the current or previous hero cycle have now the ability to save Raid Rosters, which enable them to also use the new Group Mail function.

Up to 10 Raid Rosters can be saved at the time and each list will remain for up to 14 days, after which it is automatically deleted by the system.
Raid Leaders can create new Raid Rosters using the Raid Info window in-game, but only raids with more than 20 active members can be saved in this way.

Gold distribution among raid members has never been easier!
Raid Leaders have the ability to attach gold to Group Mail, and send it to members of a saved Raid Roster.
Any gold attached to a Group Mail is equally divided by the system and sent to each recipient.

Gem Carvers
Gem Carvers can be used to change the stats on socketed Lunagems, but not all Carvers can be used for all Lunagems.
An Earthglow Gem Carver: Toughness for example, can't be used to change a Copperglow Lunagem: Brawn, since the Copperglow Lunagem: Brawn is socketed on a 2H-Weapon, while an Earthglow Lunagem: Toughness can only be socketed on a Leg piece.

Vehicle Customization
○ Vehicle Customization options are now available for the following models:
• Small Vehicles: Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift
• Steamtanks: Wheeled Mortar/ Ironclad / Fire Ironclad
• Strada

○ New Vehicle Components:
• Front/Side/Rear Armor: Increases Defense and Magic Defense
-Black Dragon Front/Side/Rear Armor
-Kraken Front/Side/Rear Armor
-Leviathan Front/Side/Rear Armor

• Chassis: Increases Health (and changes color of Small Vehicles):
- Small Vehicles: Light Chassis, Heavy Chassis
- Steamtanks: Steamtank Chassis
- Strada: Strada Chassis

• Front/Rear Wheels: Increases Move Speed, Turning, and Traction
- Performance Tires
- Precision Tires
- Traction Tires

• Engine: Increases Vehicle's Acceleration
- Supercharger

• Artillery: Each Component has an individual effect
- Small Vehicles: Brown Hood, Blue Hood, Red Hood, Rapid Cannon, Front Shield
- Steamtanks: Enforced Barrel
- Strada: Strada Cannon, Shatigon Cannon

○ Crafting Recipes have been added to the Carpentry Workbench:
• Black Dragon Front/Side/Rear Armor
• Kraken Front/Side/Rear Armor
• Leviathan Front/Side/Rear Armor
• Light Chassis
• Heavy Chassis
• Steamtank Chassis
• Strada Chassis
• Performance Tires
• Precision Tires
• Traction Tires
• Supercharger
• Brown, Blue, and Red Hoods
• Rapid Cannon
• Front Shield
• Enforced Barrel
• Strada Cannon
• Shatigon Cannon
• Shatigon Cannon Ammo

○ Acquisition of Components and their Crafting Materials:
• Monsters on Auroria have a chance to drop an Andelph Machine Design Pouch that contains Vehicle Components Designs
• Black Dragon, Leviathan and Kraken drop essences needed for crafting some vehicle components

○ Other Vehicle Changes:
• Vehicle Components can be replaced near a Vehicle Conductor
• Upgrading Vehicle Components works the same as Ship Components Regrading
•Vehicle Passengers now receive the Intuition/Protection buff
• Players will need to use "Intuition" to receive the buff
- Intuition: Increases Max Health / increases Defense and Magic Defense. Can only be used by the Driver.

○ Small Vehicle Changes:
• Removed the "Overheat" debuff from Timber Coupe v3 / Nova Speedster / Apex Drift
- The "Supercharging" skill does not trigger the Overheat debuff.
* Low tier small vehicles (Timber Coupe, Comet Speedster, and Apex Squall) cannot be customized and keep the previous specifications.

○ Steamtank Changes:
• When making a turn, the front wheels of Steamtanks turn and their speed is affected by the angle of the slope they're on.
- Added the "Upright Vehicle" skill to tanks.
• Increased the basic damage in Normal Mode/ Siege Mode for Steamtank Cannons, but the projectile now travels slower.

Tamed Mounts
The Capturing Toolbox Ver.4 is now available on the Arena Shop and contains 5 new types of bait, ideal to tame new creatures with.
The following creatures can be attempted to be given a new forever home:
• Grubs - Grass Root Bait
• Spiders - Insect Bait
• Mantis - Cricket Bait
• Earth Elementals - Rock Bait
• Crayfish - Fish Bait
As with the previous Capturing Toolboxes, only 3rd Rank Knights or higher are able to use this item. Each creature has it's own unique set of skills.

Garden of the Gods Rankings
A new tab is gracing the rankings, incentivizing players to help the Fairies in the Garden of the Gods, in order to receive generous rewards.
The quest "Fairy Request" already offered since the Garden first opened its gates now has an added Cumulative Reward Point system, tracking just how much each player is doing to help Briar and her friends.
The rankings reset on Mondays at which point the rewards are sent out to players via mail.

Faction Points Changes
There is a huge overhaul coming to the Faction Points system! Now your factions will have their own ranks and by participating in PvP and PvE content, you can contribute to your faction's overall point pool. This Faction Activity is displayed in Ranks and while it starts at Rank 1, it can go up to Rank 10.

• Each faction can earn Faction Activity Points by participating in PvP and PvE content.
• Faction activity amount from Sunday through Saturday cumulates to their rank.
• A successful raid activity (e.g. killing a world boss) while two factions are allied, grants both factions the activity points.

Factions can earn bonus points from the number of raid members they have.

• If a raid doesn't meet the minimum member rule, it's not qualified for the bonus points.
• Bonus points are not tied to the raid participation, but to the number of raid members that are in the zone.
• The winning faction receives the full bonus points while the losing faction receive bonus points with a 30% penalty.

Territory Changes
Factions that rule over territories in Auroria can look forward to a few additions and changes.
Hiram Awakening Scrolls are now up for sale, the Advanced Territory Outposts and Workshops have new hires, Territory Income that can be stolen has some new adjustments and the Workshop Steward agreed to work more hours.

Hiram Awakening Scrolls
Territory Coins can now be exchanged for Hiram Awakening Scrolls

Outpost Employee
A new NPC called the "Outpost Employee" now works at the Advanced Territory Outpost and starts offering tasks.
The Outpost Employee offers a new daily quest called "Supporting the Faction", which requires brave adventurers to supply 20 Botanical Specimen from the Garden of the Gods in exchange for 3 Territory Coins and 10 Contribution.
Once the 100th delivery is complete, she will also start offering a new weekly task.

The weekly quest "A Fair Trade" asks players to deliver 30 Territory Coins, 10 Silver Lilies, 10 Crimson Petunias and 10 Indigo Peonys in exchange for 50 Glorious Hiram Awakening Scrolls and 10 Contribution.

The Outpost Employee will revert back to stage 1 of offering just the daily task, after the next siege.

Workshop Employee
A new NPC called the "Workshop Employee" now works at the Advanced Territory Workshop and sells limited items.
Her offerings change every Wednesday at mightnight, and can only be purchased once every 24h, in exchange for Territory Coins.
This rule applies across all territories, so once you purchase an item from any Workshop Employee, you won't be able to purchase another item for 24h in any other territory.
The items the Workshop Employee can offer depend on the amount of territories a single faction rules and each item is offered in a limited quantity.

Workshop Steward
Workshop Stewards across all territories have agreed to work a little longer, and are now around to interact with for 6 hours at the time, instead of just 1 hour.

Advanced Language Proficiency
The citizens of Erenor are not bound to a single content or faction and making friends of all shapes and sizes has always been a core feature of the social life in-game.
Recognizing the importance of languages and the ability to communicate with each other, the maximum language proficiencies for the Nuia and Haranya Continent Dialect have been increased to 20,000.
Once a player reaches 20,000 language proficiency, they are able to communicate fluently in the respective dialect (or without special characters in terms of chat).

To reach these new heights of language abilities, each Tutoring Cushion now has the ability to summon an advanced Tutor and using a book "The Art of Language Part II" players will eventually manage to blend perfectly with both the Nuian and Haranyan culture.

In addition to the new tutors and book, the cities of Austera and Marianople offer group language lessons to newcomers to the content. Once a day, exiles can enjoy a study session for the low cost of 200 Labor.

Language proficiency from 0-10,000 is considered basic studies and requires a book "The Art of Language" to study.
Language proficiency from 10,000-20,000 is considered advanced studies and requires a book "The Art of Language Part II".

Armor Buff Adjustments
The Complete Set effects of Cloth and Plate armor sets receive a small overhaul with this update.
○ Cloth Armor Effect
• Increases Movement Speed by +3%
• Increases Magic Defense by +3%
• Decreases duration of all debuffs except for Silence and Shackle by -20%
• Decreases Silence duration by -30%
• Decreases Mana Cost by -10%
• Takes a great amount of Damage from Piercing weapons

○ Plate Armor Effect
• Increases Physical Defense by +3% and Max Health by +5%
• Decreases duration of Stun by -20% and Shackle by -30%
• Increases Mana Cost by +10%
• Takes a great amount of Damage from Blasting weapons.

Skill Balance Changes
○ The following skills can only be used on a target in front of the caster
• Songcraft
- Stone Healing Hymn
• Vitalism
- Holy Bolt
- Flame Holy Bolt
• Occultism
- Stone Crippling Mire
• Swiftblade
- Twin Shadow Slash 1st Hit
• Malediction
- Ring Throw

○ Adjusted Equip Attack Speed
• Scepter and Shield's Attack Speed changed to 1
• Equipped weapon’s Attack Speed affects Attack Speed and Damage of Sorcery skills.

Skill Adjustments
○ Archery
• Concussive Arrow
- Deals +17% additional damage to Snared Targets
• Double Recurve
- Instantly casts Concussive Arrow
- Life: Increases Critical Hit +3% for 3 sec.
• Snipe
- Attacking a gliding target will inflict the Stun effect for 5 sec.
- Deals +21% additional damage to Snared Targets
- Lightning: can be casted up to 2sec, the highest Damage if casted fully for 2 sec.
• Missile Rain
- Basic: can be chargedup to 5 times and used on a chosen area
- Basic: Inflicts Slow on a starget for 3 sec, dismounting them from their mount
- Basic: Removed a target's Untargetable effect and Stealth effect
- Basic: Fires 10 Arrows
- Mist Missile Rain: Can be fired forward without a target
• Deadeye
- Caster maintaains the effect as long as they move around. Not moving for 1 sec removes the buff.
- Removed the Range Increase effect
- Using a Glider/Magithopter does not cancel the effect
• Steady Shooting
- Changed the effect from Slow to Unable to attack target within 4m
- Increases Archery Bow Range from 4m to 6m
- Using a Glider/Magithopter or Mount does not cancel the effect

○ Battlerage
• The duration of Battlerage Trip effect varies based on the caster's weapon
- Equipping 2H weapons: Increases the trip duration +0.5 sec.

○ Swiftblade
• Blink
- If the caster is under the effect of Fleeting Footseps, the skill can be used during a Global Cooldown
- The Fleeting Footsteps buff is maintained after triggering a Combo effect.

○ Sorcery
• Mana Fountain
- Removed the Attack Speed +100 effect
- Added the effect: decreases Sorcery Skill Global Cooldowns -10%
- Equipping 2H weapons: Decreases Sorcery Skill Global Cooldowns -10%
• Flamebolt
- Flame: Cast Time has been reduced to 1sec from 1.5sec
- Flame: Decreased Damage dealt
• Arc Lightning
- Increases Critical Damage +46% on Burning, Frozen, or Electric Shocked targets

○ Malediction
• Soulbound Edge
- Removed the Combo that increased Damage with the effect of Malicious Binding
• Crashing Wave
- Attacks targets under the effect of Soulbound Edge within 20m in priority
• Ring Throw
- Range reduced to 5m from 10m
- Cannot be used on targets behind the caster

○ Witchcraft
• Enervated
- Can't receive buffs from Performing Skills if under the effect of Enervated

○ Songcraft
• Critical Discord
- Can't use Shield related skills if the caster is under the effect of Discord

○ Defense
• Bear's Vigor
- Stacks 5% of Received Damage aas Mettle
• Boastful Roar
- Mettle Damage Multiplier increased to 1
• Mocking Howl
- Mettle Aggro Mulitplier increased to 500% from 100%
• Shield Slam
- The skill's Attack Speed is affected by the Left-Hand weapon
- Gale: Cooldown reduced to 2 sec from 4 sec
- Gale: Removed the Cast Time Interruption effect
• Bull Rush
- The skill's Attack Speed is affected by the Left-Hand weapon

○ Occultism
• Crippling Mire
- Removed the Combo effect
• Pain Harvest
- Grants Bleeding Immunity if under the effect of the buff