NA | Casual - Hardcore | Competitive Mindset | PvX

About Us:
We are a group of professionals who are competitive players, but also realize real life comes first. While we are predominantly PvPers, we also have top notch crafters and enjoy all aspects of the games we play. Our goal is to maintain around 40-50 active core players in any game that we are playing.

We Offer:
  • Guild history and leadership dating back 25 years
  • Organized PvP and PvE Events
  • Core-community that has stood the test of time
  • Multi-gaming community
  • Secondary in-game guild for friends, family and alts

We are looking for:
  • Players who are active in-game and on-voice
  • Players who are 18 years of age or older
  • Players who are respectful and mature
  • Players who don't trash talk or troll in in-game global chat

Current Chapters:
  • Archeage: Unchained - Stena (West/Nuia)
  • Ashes of Creation
  • Elyon
  • Eve Echoes (Mobile or PC w/Bluestacks)
  • New World
  • World of Warcraft - Dalaran (Alliance)

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