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Thread: Physical and Magical Defense Formula

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    Physical and Magical Defense Formula

    Hello All,

    The past couple CBW I have collected data on the percent damage mitigated by both physical and magical defense. I have discovered that the physical and magical defense formulas are identical. The formulas were derived from 100+ data points ranging from 0 defense to 3000 defense and are extremely accurate with a chi squared distribution of .001315. Without further delay here are some graphs and formulas! Enjoy!

    Physical and Magical Defense Formula:

    Some graphs:

    I will continue gathering data on other mechanics to see if I can get some more formulas. PM me if you notice any change in game or error in this post.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Based on what I was seeing ingame, I estimated it would be about def/(def+5000) -- looks like I was about right. Pretty standard way of doing things these days.

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    Nice work!

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    they might have change it but seems like def/(def/7900) at least for AAU

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