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Thread: Feedback regarding the Pumpkin Pass (Mid October 2020)

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    Angry Feedback regarding the Pumpkin Pass (Mid October 2020)

    Dear Publisher,

    I want to remind you of the promise you made us.

    What‘s different in ArcheAge: Unchained?

    ArcheAge: Unchained makes the whole, diverse world of the original ArcheAge available to everybody.
    Without powerful premium content, the game offers an equal playing field for every style of player.
    Source: https://archeageunchained.com/

    The new Pumpkin Pass does not live up to this promise anymore.
    The new Pumpkin Pass is P2W (Pay to Win).

    I understand that you want to make money with this game.

    So here is my constructive criticism:

    - In every ArchePass the basic rewards must always give more than the premium rewards in terms of quantity.

    For example, the following rewards are currently available at level 18 of the official Pumpkin Pass:
    Basic reward: 5 Labor Hammers
    Premium reward: 10 Labor Hammers

    And it must be the other way around (my suggestion):
    Basic reward: 10 Labor Hammers
    Premium reward: 5 Labor Hammers

    - The final reward should also be the other way round.
    So that everyone gets the Powerstone Pet
    (which gives you the ability to become untargetable in battle).
    This Powerstone Pet mustn't be placed behind a premium wall.

    - The price of the upgrade ticket for the Premium Pass should be reduced. 1500 Credits (9,99€) is too much.
    Not enough players will buy it for that price. How about 1125 Credits ( ~ 7,50€)?

    - Instead of having the developers make costumes that obviously don't pay the bills,
    the developers could make more buyable DLC (downloadable content) for the game.
    For example: More challenging dungeons and raids (Guild Wars 2 has awesome raids, if you need inspiration)
    (Please don't overprice it, 15€ for the Garden of the Gods DLC (silver package) was fine.)

    In addition Archeage Unchained has too little media attention. On Twitch there are hardly any people streaming it.
    Other games make special Twitch drops to increase the number of Twitch streams. And this with great success. I think that Archeage Unchained would attract many more players with Twitch drops. And more players means more money.
    (I would pull the developers who are busy creating new costumes and let them work on twitch drops instead.)

    The number of players is already small anyway. This pumpkin pass, as it is now, could set a stone rolling that is unstoppable.
    -> The more P2W the fewer players.
    --> Not well filled servers will scare away even more players.
    ---> So in the end there will be empty servers and no players who could still buy credits or DLC.

    PS: I think you could learn a lot from Guild Wars 2 about fair (non P2W) business practices. So please play Guild Wars 2 and learn from them how to build a healthy, loyal, warm, supportive community.

    (I would like to have posted this in the linked thread: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...coming-Changes but I get an error message saying that I need a level 15 character for this).

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    I played GW2 8 years now and it's still rammed full of ppl playing and there is no p2w because we don't have the money making gear system we have content real game content and fashion wars and full on skilled based pvp, we have beautiful unique weapons/armor as in legendaries that are crafted and require doing a lot of content of the game to make its really enjoyable part of the game, but the ppl that develop the game they play the game too, sometimes u will see multiple devs in wvw or in game playing there is actually an achievement for killing them in game i have that 1 lel, they love the game and this is where it differs the community are 2nd to none because they are treated with decency and respect and they love the game as well nobody is taken advantage of not for money reasons, b2p and a free to play game, it makes u really appreciate where ur breads buttered to see the difference, GW2 u got ur cash shop lots of skins and items u may want cosmetics but nothing to gear as in p2w, the whole premise of AAU or AA is to make money out of its consumer at any cost the game is the fluff the bait, it's a beautiful game and it could be alot better if the the whole p2w was dropped down the pan and crafting was brought back to gear get rid of rng get some real skilled pvp where every1 can enjoy all the content instead of fs every 8 months bring longevity to servers where ppl want to stay. yes all companies need to make money we get that but no1 likes being fleeced.

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    Promises? Which promises? It's just a some number of words in internet. "Sheeps" ate a noP2W-bait and now ready to be shorn.
    Already released announce of new archepass - https://www.trionworlds.com/archeage...epass-preview/
    Plus 12th will be started new patch or payable DLC for AA:U. I make a bet for DLC!

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    My feedback. I started a few months ago and was really pleased to find a game where you actually get items without cash or grinding for months. Just as i get into the game enjoying it it changes. Now the archepass isn't even worth the effort for the reward. I quit doing them. Devs said it was at player request yet I have hear 0 players who like the change. Yet i see Devs trying to sell dilli. my feedback .i. I'm done with the game. Later greedbags.

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