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Thread: Pumpkin Pass Feedback

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    Pumpkin Pass Feedback

    Just finished my archepass for the week. How very unsatisfying. Thanks for ruining yet another good thing.

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    yes i'm gonna make an assumption here but i think every1 that plays hates this new archpass i know i do, its extremely unrewarding even on the premium side, u have to put 4x times the xp in to get 4x less the rewards, i'm not even certain u can actually finish it before the new monthly pass comes out either.

    Before u had combat pass equipment pass and vocation pass this was awesome and its choice why take that away?

    It used to be 12 missions a week which it still is but it was 12 to 15 tiers with each tier giving u a reward so it felt fun and rewarding when u put ur xp into it. Might as well make it only 4 missions a week that would take some of the horrendous pain of doing this away no lost to them, they made it boring and unrewarding i don't want to put effort into it its p2w anyways so and if i'm paying i don't see why i have to do anymore than minimal.

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    I am only answering to this small part:
    Quote Originally Posted by Adelphi View Post
    i'm not even certain u can actually finish it before the new monthly pass comes out either.
    It is 8 full weeks and 2 half weeks from the beginning until the end of the pass.
    => 40 levels are possible.
    You need only 20 levels which means 5 weeks of 12/12 quests.
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    The pumpkin pass breaks core tenants of what Trion originally set in its documents(on these forums), to only include cosmetic items in the premium track of the Archepass. Adding things like labor rechargers, and diligence coins to the premium track

    Trion reduced the rewards greatly for the Archepass as well. making one rank take 4 quests. Previously it was 1 rank per quest. The current Archepass takes 19x 4=76 quests /12 (taking 6 weeks and part of the quests of week 7 to complete) . Previously you would have left over quests before a new season allowing you to dip into another pass, to get some where around 400 dilligence. Current total for diligence is approx 276 on the freeside of the pumpkin pass

    Currently as it stands Trion lowered rewards and sold a solution to receive the same rewards you would have before purchasing an archepass upgrade, what should have been done. Is to improve the amount of cosmetic items, not sell us back the value of previous Archepasses in the premium tier.

    Do not buy the new Archepass ticket unless you want to just get crappy convenience items and part of what you would have previously gotten for free. Sorry for those picking up on the game on Steam, as Trion had no plan to retain players, when moving to steam they were only interested in keeping revenue the same or better. Not in engaging the community.

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