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Thread: what is wrong with the labor boosters ?

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    what is wrong with the labor boosters ?

    OK, I apologize in advanced for being wordy, but trying to get people to understand the issue in Chat was like pulling teeth.

    I have labor boosters. I know how they work. I have used them for a long time.

    I have 2 character on Denistrius, that I do not log into AT ALL. I only play the one character on Stena. I do NOT have any characters on other servers such as EU. I have not previously used Any labor boosters on Any account in over a month. Just been saving them up and never using more labor than what was normally available.

    Situation - Now we have frikkin 20 archepass quests. I run low on labor, decide to use 1 pot for the 1000. It works fine. I get the blue box of gold coins (200 labor x 5 uses). I get another archepass quest for 500 labor. After thinking about it (since you Don't get boosters every week) I decide to use one more pot. So, this would be 975 labor. Labor currently stood at 724 ( 324 + 400 ) ( It only showed a 400 bonus because I used 600 )

    So I attempt to use the second pot (which will keep we well under 3000 for the day) and I get a flag message that the total 975 would NOT be added to labor pool. Only 375 would.

    wtf? You have to drop the booster pool to 0 now before you can use the next booster? Or else lose labor even though you have not used 3000 for the day? I used to hit 3 at a time, 1000, 975, 925 and load up the booster pool.

    why did this change?

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    I just tried it out on a character and didn't get anything like it. My guess is, that you encountered some kind of bug but I have never heard of it before.

    The only thing I noticed (but it may have been there before as well) is a phrase in red letters when rightclicking the labor recharger. It says "The recharged labor exceeds the limit by Server Labor and will be lost." but that's more like general information and not related to actually losing lp.
    (Using it gave me all labor.)

    For me it still works exactly the way you are used to.
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