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Thread: Merge and Transfers now

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    Merge and Transfers now

    The situation of several Archeage Legacy and Archeage Unchainned servers is regrettable, due to the problems of initial queues and opening of many servers today we have a reduced population and many of these servers are killed, we are hardly able to gather a single raid in global events and we need it urgently that Gamigo takes action. Transfer or merge needs to be done urgently.


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    Let's goooooo. Merge the servers please

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    I agree 100% with that, IT should have done months and months ago, And i hope gamigo doesnt come with that crap ♥♥♥♥ excuses that the merge are down for over a year and they still working on that, thats ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cuz at KR they already fixed that months ago.

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    Yes totally agree several severs on aau are dead and legacy is a ghost town merges or transfers are required asap !!

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    Don't touch the crowded servers like Alexander.

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    Merge/transfers for Legacy! It’s about time

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    Merges and transfers have done more harm than good in the past.
    As we could see, after a merge there is always a very short period of time in which activity rises to "almost acceptable" but it goes down really quick again and then people ask for the next merge.
    Before another merge takes place there should be a good concept on how to keep players active.
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    A server merge would me amazing with the next patch, with new land on auroria and so new housing zones people will need to move their houses + an active server so the new trade system works as intended : supposed to bring PvP, but only if the server is active enough

    In general the open world events are barely possible for any guild in legacy, because in order to keep a balance in the server, they should keep the guilds under 30-40 active members. And so, the end game bosses are not possible. In the other hand merging servers would bring more people to the end game content and also create competition between guilds that are now unable to fight each others.

    It has been too long since we needed theses merges or transfers that some servers like Nui on NA Legacy or Ezi on EU Legacy are so inactive that even Unchained servers, even if created way later, have more gearscore than theses two servers. This means that Legacy is so dead that even with a year or two ahead Legacy doesn't have the hype or the need to gear up. Lack of competition, lack of motivation. Dead servers.

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    merge would be really nice or transfers if they keep going like they do now more and more people will just bail out caus not much to do whit small groups, and if they would just merge all servers in to 1 would be even better and probably lots of people would return
    make a fresh start server were u can only transfer out to the newly merged servers so if people decide to start playing they will have a chance to start up there and wen geared get out of there and join the crowded server

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    Just Merge the NA legacy servers... people that quit because of their land oh well...
    If that makes them quit, they were quitting anyway.

    You added things that are impossible to do, because there is no way to make a raid for them.

    Then advertise those things like it is something new and great.

    Well, it isn't...

    You can name the new merged server... AriNuDum

    lol... Aria Nui Kadum

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