This post purpose is to share my experience with the game and to shape expectations of new players that want to get into AAU.

I started playing in mid may and i quitted late august due to lack of time and motivation.

Let's start with the positives, game is pretty unique and has a tone of depth, even veterans of the game are not aware of all the systems and nuinceses.

Naval battles/trade runs, if the game had the option i would just spend all my play time at sea, the is the only game that has so much sand box activities in the ocean, you can spend countless hours searching for new routes to trade cargo undetected or salvaging sunken ships or just searching for treasure boxes at the bottom of the sea, also once you get into a guild there is nothing more exciting than pvping with battleships or doing abyssal raids.

Last positive is the character customization, AA class system is a combination of 3 different skill trees(you choose from a selection of 11), while the majority of those 220 classes are obsolete there is still a decent number of playable ones.

As of the negatives...

You might have seen that many ppl compare AAU to a "second job", well they are wrong AAU is like working in an understaffed company and it is expected of you to fill the workload of 3-4 positions in your shift. While most ppl can argue that having to do many things in an mmo is a good thing that isn't true for AAU because most of those things that you need to do in order to progress are tedious and boring.

Another one is that you need at least 3 accounts to have a reasonable progression pace, imagine having to play 2 other characters in order to feed the one you actually want to play with XD

And that brings us to another fatal flaw which is the "pace of progression". If you think that you will be able to compete in 3-4 month in the open world then think again XD, you are looking for at least 7-8 months of no life grinding in order to start having fun with open world activities and that's assuming the game will still be alive by then :P

New content is pretty much aimed at end game characters, garden and ipnysh sanctuary are content for 14k+gs and that seems to be the norm of all the updates so don't expect to experience new content for at least 4 months.

Timers... this game is a game of timers, most profitable activities are available only for a small time window, if you miss "combo" or halcy you can't do them for a considerable amount time until they become available again so unless you are able to be most of your time behind a screen your progress will be even slower.

Marketplace and premium archepass, you don't have to be a genius to see where the game is headed, unless you are willing to pay more money than the 3 accounts + the expansion don't even bother with the game, also expect more pay to win practises as the population falls even lower.


I can't say i didn't have fun with the game, i met some very interesting people and there are many things you can do once you find a group/guild, game also has many political activities you can do like campaigning for or against players that you want or don't want to see them get elected as heroes, making alliances etc.