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Thread: halloween event bug does not allow to deliver quest

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    While participating for some days in this event, I found that the 3-minute flight reward is not always issued... So... It's pitty...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambaredolas View Post
    There are 2 quests and 2 NPCs.
    You get the first quest by talking to the "little witch" on the mirage plaza.
    You get the second quest when you continue flying from the 5th gate to the 6th.
    Both quests are handed in at a second "little witch" north of the haranya housing zone.

    Fun fact: You can continue and complete the quests when you fall down by going to the location and continue from there, BUT you won't get the timed reward (quest completed in X minutes). The games asks you to abandon the quest and retake it if you fall down and you really should do it or you won't get the ranked rewards.
    hope can add in your content - fall at beginning is ok, don't need re-get quest. seem court start when pass through 1st gate.
    I fall at starting point everytime, is everytime............ but still can get hidden quest if no fall down in 1-10 gate
    My English not good, so sorry if you feel bad for my words

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