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Thread: How do I get my free starter garden/farm in AAU?

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    Question How do I get my free starter garden/farm in AAU?

    I'm level 15 and am looking for the person who gives the quest for the free scarecrow garden/farm. Did they take out the quest? I've noticed they've taken out others.

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    8x8 Garden (upgradable to special 16x16 farm): When you are level 30, take the bluesalt questline that starts in solisa, halcyona. When the quest line reaches the community center in halcyona you will get your garden (8x8) and you can craft it into a farm if you want (16x16).
    16x16 Farm (upgradable to 24x24 gazebo): When you are level 50, go to your capital (austera for you) and talk to the blue salt npc next to the throne in the hero hall. He will give you the quest line for the farm (There may be more than 1 quest. The one you need is the trade pack quest line.)
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