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Thread: How do I properly structure a healer?

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    How do I properly structure a healer?

    I'm trying to make a healer and so far I have 4 Vitalism, 2 Battlerage and 2 Defense. What is the main stat for a healer and which armor would be best?

    I am playing AAU on the European Fresh Start server.

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    Vague answers, here we go :-)

    Main skill tree:

    viable secondary skill trees players use:

    The choice of the second and third skill tree as well as the choice of skills and the way you gear depend a lot on the way you play. But you can always change skill trees depending on the situation.

    main stat: spirit
    secondary stat: stamina
    Again it depends a lot on how you want to play. A good healer has high spirit values, but a healer that dies instantly in an attack isn't really a good healer either. Still there are a lot of healers who go for spirit only without dying easily in the later game.

    You won't get a satisfying answer. Some go for cloth, some for leather, some for plate. And each choice has its own benefits and downsides.

    Levelling up is easier with a DPS class than a healer class. I guess that's why you picked battlerage. If you want to level up as a healer, you might want to look at the next lines more carefully:
    When you hit level 25, you can have 6 skills in vitalism to unlock the 4th passive. When you have that, you can make your fights a lot easier. Simply keep using Antithesis on repeat. You will gain stacks of the "prayer" buff which turns into "divine response" at 5 stacks which decreases your cast time significantly (-30%) and increases your damage output of "holy bolt" and "skewer" immensely (+150%). Just make sure to keep that 24-second buff up during fights or you will lose those benefits and don't use "mend", because it consumes the buff.
    If you don't want to do that, you will have a hard time as a healer and you are better off switching to a DPS class instead.

    End of vague answers.

    PS: Didn't you say you started on Alexander? Did you switch again? Because Alexander is not the fresh start server.
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    Yeah, I switched to the fresh start server. I only have one character right now, but if someone saw this post and wanted to get me in their guild, then I can make a character on their server. But, for right now, I'm on the fresh start server.

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