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Thread: New arche pass killed labor nothing to do

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    I am merely saying most players don't complain about lack of labor to open 100's of coinpurses.

    Coinpurses aren't rewards. One can obtain hundreds of them just killing mobs. Just doing greater dungeons killing every mobs in a party for the current scroll events gives around 200-300 jesters total. Farming garden for ranking gives 100's of coinpurses. I am sitting on stacks of garden coinpurses and blue infustions and abyssal enchancers on legacy. Just saving them for lazy days when I just want to burn labor. The comedy is you bringing up being unable to use trash drops as some indignation. Congratulations, you played yourself.

    Real players complaining about archpass changes in AAU is different from dumb players complaining about not having labor to open 100's of coinpurses. The first group deserve to be heard, the second deserve to be mocked.

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    And this is why starting over in any new server based on nothing but hopes and promises is WRONG and you shouldn't do it. Glad I didn't fall for it even once in AA, since I always read these complaints from people every single time.

    If you like the game, stay on legacy and ASK for BETTER stuff, instead having your attention diverted. Yes, it is a game, but the only reason companies kick your behinds like this is because YOU encourage this behavior
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