The Rise of Nehliya dawns upon ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Explore the brand new Mysthrane Gorge location and work with the Crimson Watch to understand more about the Ipnya and their struggles with brand new Main Story Quests! Challenge the ancient Ipnya Machinery gone rampant - the Risopoda. These war machines have lost control without the presence of the Ipnya and challenge the integrity of the very Sealstones holding Akasch in their alternate dimension. Afterward, eliminate the biggest threat to Erenor so far - Nehliya. Stowed away for thousands of years, this Akasch had been laying still awaiting instruction on releasing the rest of her people out into the world of Erenor. All this and much more awaits you in our most recent update!

Your journey will begin in Aegis Island, and with the assistance of the Crimson Watch and Ardios you will begin exploring the ruins of Mysthrane Gorge. This location's history stems as far back as the Ipnya, where they designated a sealstone to each continent to lock away the Akasch forever using the main Sealstone located in its center. Though, no small feat, the concentrated magic used at the time forever impacted the appearance of the fragile land of Mysthrane Gorge. After the Ipnya have long since gone, Halnaak's Arcane Academy was established in Mysthrane for wizards to study the sealstones. However, since then, the school is nothing more than ruins and some of the students have become dangerous monsters roaming within. With the Sealstone weakened over the thousands of years, who knows what secrets and dangers await within...

Mysthrane Gorge is a brand new map accessible through the Western Hiram Mountains, nearby the Illusion Cave! This map is recommended for players that are Ancestral Level 28 or higher, as the Akasch and their followers are quite powerful here! This map contains 9 exploration spots, and a total of 10 Achievements if you manage to find them all.

Explore the Mysthrane Gorge with the Crimson Watch and Ardios by your side. 9 Brand new Main Story Quests will drive you through the history of Mysthrane Gorge. Explore the sealstones, and uncover more about the Ipnya, the Akasch, and the history of Erenor.

During the war between the Akasch and the Ipyna, the latter were greatly outnumbered. Even when equipped with powerful magic, the Ipnya could not defeat the exhaustion this prolonged war already caused, and it was only a matter of time they would be defeated. This was when the Ipnysh Warden Lauryla, who was known for their great knowledge in machinery, came up with an idea and designed a new weapon. Each part of this complicated machine was carefully put together, and based on its final looks, it was named the Risopod. The Risopod didn't have many functionalities, but it was very agile, armed with sturdy steel and could differentiate the Ipnya from their foes. This was extremely helpful on the battlefield, so the Ipnya decided to build not just one but many Risopoda, while Lauryla and other mechanics oversaw maintaining them.

After the Ipnya's victory in the war, the Risopoda had been abandoned in Mysthrane Gorge and fell deep into slumber. However, a young wizard named Raeven, also known as the Wizard of the Amaitan Highlands, later attempted to awaken them, and he was successful. Unfortunately, the Risopoda were not controllable, and without the Ipnya, became killing machines destroying everything in their path - including the very Sealstones holding the Akasch in The Abyss. These machines must be stopped, but they are fast and immune to all damage except for Siege Damage, so equally powerful vehicles will be required to keep up with them!

○ Using the Worldgate at the Crimson Watch Camp in Mysthrane Gorge, Auroria, teleports the player to their respective Seal, e.g. Nuians will be teleported to the Nuian Seal and can only be used by the faction members
○ Each Faction base includes a Respawn point, a Priestess of Nui, a Daru Vehicle Merchant, and a Mysthrane Workbench
  • Interacting with the Mysthrane Workbench grants a Portable Siege Launcher
- The Portable Siege Launcher disappears once dropped on the ground (T), and cannot be picked back up.
  • Vehicles and vehicle components can be repaired and replaced in the Faction base at the Daru Vehicle Merchant.
○ A Risopod spawns at each Sealstone in Mysthrane Gorge every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • The Risopoda are Ancestral Level 30
  • If not attacked within an hour, they will despawn
  • There is a Haranya Sealstone, a Nuia Sealstone, and an Auroria Sealstone for Pirates
- Near the Sealstones the attack range of vehicles are boosted
- Respawning at a Sealstone or staying nearby one for 30+ sec. grants the buff
○ Upon attacking a Risopod, the player will automatically receive the quest
  • The quest auto-completes when the Risopoda is defeated
  • Quest completion rewards you with Spare Parts Box x1, Evenglow Lunarite x3, Honor Points and Leadership
○ A Risopod is defeated when it reaches 1% of Health left, then disappears into the ground, granting the "Ipnysh Warden" buff to the Faction members that defeated it.
  • Only the first Faction to defeat a Risopod will gain the buff and be able to challenge Nehliya
  • The buff is needed to safely enter the Central Hall

"So this is what the Queen sees, the beautiful world." - Nehliya

When the war with the Ipnya was lost, the Akasch were expelled to another dimension, The Abyss. After years of seeking a way back to the world of Erenor they glimpsed a string of light coming through a small crack leading them beyond the very seal that keeps them stuck. Though the crack was too small for most of the Akasch to break free, Nehliya, sent with the Mirrors of Illusion by her Queen, could squeeze herself through to see what lied beyond. Nehliya's voyage to Erenor took a thousand years until she arrived in Mysthrane Gorge. The world she saw was empty, the land was barren and the air dry, though she knew that this was not all that awaited her. Thus she placed the Mirrors of Illusion that were given to her in Mythrane Gorge's Central Hall, and her eyes were filled with the reflections of every corner of the true Erenor. Nehliya is watching every corner of Erenor, growing stronger and waiting for the next instructions by her Queen. While she may not be at threat now, her presence is a danger to our lives as we know it in Erenor.

○ The Planar Portal's Abyssal Wave in the center protects Nehliya and petrifies any player without the Ipnysh Warden buff, draining their Health over time.
○ Nehliya can only be attacked with Siege damage
○ Nehliya spawns at the Central Hall in Mysthrane Gorge every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Risopoda Control Device has to be interacted with in order for her to appear
  • At 10:30 PM any undefeated Risopoda and Nehliya will despawn.

After defeating Nehliya, she can drop the following items:

○ The Soulslake Equipment is now obtainable and can be aquired by defeating Nehliya. Using Elite Awakening Scrolls will awaken the Equipment to Eminent Soulslake Equipment.
  • Eminent Soulslake Equipment has the same Effects as its Soulslake Counterpart, but the value of each Synthesis Stat is different