Hello all! Just wanted to throw another suggestion and see if it sticks! So, first off, this suggestion is separate from the Fluffy one, I find the Fluffy suggestion to be important because it's literally the main bot to get stuff on PTS. With this, it's just going to be about materials added to the NPC.

Since Tanks, Cars etc got some upgrades like armor, and cannons, one of the materials "Toolbox" requires 1 diamond to make along with other materials, and then to make these new upgrades for the vehicles. Diamonds can be obtained, but even at "Famed Miner" they hardly drop at all. Again seeing how Fluffy is disabled and getting ingots is a bit tough again like Sunridge, Sturdy, etc. I thought it would of been a good time to suggest items into the NPC. Even if it doesn't get added this testing period, then the next one.

So I was wondering if rare materials like Rubber, Diamonds, Archeum, Sunridge, Sturdy Ingots and well any other material people want to suggest, this topic is open, that can be added to the NPC? If it's easy to get-materials like wood or something then it's a meh from me since those aren't really that hard to obtain. I know we've been wanting these rare resources for a while now so figured to post and see what happens.


I was going to ask about the Dragons as a separate post, but I also don't want to create billions of suggestion/question threads either. So since PTS get's shut down a lot and granted this is more a curious question then one asking for important items, but any chance that we would be able to obtain the 3 dragons a bit more convenient? Granted it would be one thing if PTS was open 24/7 but it's not, so Dragon raising has become impossible..I know it's not important to test anymore but still as I said just a curious question.

I also want to ask..please, fix the Erenor from the NPC, if it can't be fixed then just add the normal Erenor and then awakening scrolls instead. Having broken Erenor at basic grade isn't great at all, mostly for new testers and those who are stuck at certain Erenor grades.