1. Give a hauler to fairy, (only all hauler work)
2. Select a trade outlet, only land for make gold
3. Select a tradpack, only 2 choice, General Specialties without gilda and with gilda, he can only make pack, from where you bind.
4. Need give same mats.
5. You can only do 2 traderuns, one pack each run in lv21, 3 traderuns at lv25, 4 traderuns at lv28, 5 traderuns at lv31, 6 traderuns at lv34.
6. Fairy take a random time to travel but always in high profit
7. It uses 150 labor 25 vigor for normal pack, or 250 labor and 50 vigor for gilda pack.
8. The payout from the trader (demand %) is applied
9. You have gold 8 hours after.

Source: https://youtu.be/UwgpTlmL81s?t=334

Tradepack Gilda, Mahadevi to Villanelle