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Thread: Important Suggestion regarding Fluffy

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    Exclamation Important Suggestion regarding Fluffy

    Well hello all, I have been having a thought lately, seeing that Fluffy is going to be disabled every time the PTS comes up, and now we have the NPC helper, I figured to put this out here and hoping that even Gamigo/XL Games will do this, they might not but can't hurt to try. So, my suggestion here is that they remove the bot Fluffy as a command bot, and turn the Helper into Fluffy.

    As in, instead of having Fluffy break down majority of the times during important testing periods, why not just move all of the items that Fluffy gives us from commands (and I mean ALL of the items like from the "Fluffy Commands for PTS" forum section including Alisee' post on the newer updated commands) and put them into the NPC Helper, aka new Fluffy. Rename the NPC Fluffy, so that even if the command bot is permanently disabled, we'll still have Fluffy, but as the NPC now.

    Look at RIFT PTS for example, even in Trion's days, Fluffy was a small werewolf bot that was in the main city selling you all the testing items you need as well as some extra fun stuff like mounts etc, though it was Trion..so we didn't have everything as usual.

    I know coding all of that might be hard, but it might be better even for the coders..like not having to keep creating new commands which I know take a long time to make in the first place. But just adding those same items from Commands (and future commands) to the NPC, that I know will be better not only for the Dev's/GM's making the commands and fixing them but also helpful for the community to just go and get. I know there is a gold situation, so that can be fixed easily by adding the "Sunset Pearls" into the shop for 1 copper, which at x100 stack, sell for 7k gold. There's the gold situation sorted.

    But here's the thing towards newer testers, again, Fluffy is old..even the first day he/she was implemented on PTS, which was the day the PTS opened for all, and all we had was the 1 command "Level me up Fluffy!" he/she was a bit buggy and broke back then as well.

    We as a PTS Community loves Fluffy itself, but seeing how Fluffy is breaking down constantly and being disabled because of it, it just doesn't make sense to keep Fluffy as a command bot any longer. I know Fluffy is a bot but it does hurt me saying that, Fluffy has always been a part of the community the day Fluffy was created. Just have Fluffy as the NPC Helper, then you wouldn't have to worry about Fluffy breaking down constantly. Again it would be easier for the Coders to not have to create new commands or fix old ones every testing period, but also would be great for the community..then we wouldn't have to worry about breaking Fluffy while spamming commands. We can just ask for items that we need or want (like Labor pots for example) and it'll be added to the NPC.

    Commonly that's how Fluffy Breaks..because of people spamming and not being patcient lol. The new method of getting the items that you would of gotten from the commands, you can just go up to them at the main city and buy the items we need or want. That's my suggestion about Fluffy, and I hope they at least consider it.

    Why not save the hassle of constantly trying to fix Fluffy then just put all of the command items into the NPC (and again re-name em Fluffy so Fluffy will still be with us). It's not only would be better for the Dev's so they don't have to keep disabling Fluffy because it's broken, but also for all of the testers on here so they don't have to keep struggling or asking "where's Fluffy?" all the time.

    If Fluffy is never going to be turned on for future PTS sessions, then I suggest taking this opportunity and trying it, it doesn't hurt to try, you guys and gals at Gamigo/XL Games tried the NPC when it was suggested, and frankly as far as I'm concerned it has worked..that's what the test server is for..is trying new stuff and seeing if it works.
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    I agree that we should be able to access all the items that Fluffy gave, and buying from npc would be even a much better solution than a bot. I would also like Fluffy as a players' helper to still exist in the pts space, this is a very important virtual "character" for us. I see that we came up with similar ideas regarding gold. http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...=1#post2791410
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