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Thread: Returning Player - Elf Disaster

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    Returning Player - Elf Disaster

    I've returned to the game after awhile and have found all my elves to be an utter disaster. Is there anything in place to fix this? Something that is free? Sent in a ticket on one of the accounts but haven't had a reply.

    The salon change is around 700 credits, and to fix all the elves on my main and alt accounts would mean spending all of my stockpiled gold and then some. Apex was around 1300 when I left and is now 2500.

    Most of the time I don't see it, but I always know its there. Its seriously ugly.

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    They did temporarily reduce salon cost after the 6.0 update so people could fix their female Elves but this 'event' finished on 20 Nov 2019 so that ship has sailed unfortunately.

    So you will either need to buy a salon certificate or wait to see if support will help you. Be warned, support tickets are currently taking 1 month + for responses and historically, they don't care about the in-game price of Apex so not sure how much luck you will have. FYI Apex was actually around 3.4K on legacy until the recent half price sale. Just saying.

    Also FYI (may save you some time):
    • 6.0 update included a fix for 'awkward elf hairstyles' that also changed female Elf character appearance options = issue only affects female Elves
    • the default cheek blush slider is pushed all the way up to 100% which is what causes part of their unfortunate appearance
    • applying prevously saved customisation files for your previous female Elf appearances doesn't work, you will have to start from scratch.

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    Everything you just said makes me go... yikes!

    I was hoping that they might expect players to return at some point and as such, leave a way out. I for one am not pleased to return to characters that look like horror shows, and to furthermore be stuck with them for a month, per ticket.

    Going through with it would likely be a $40 work around. That's an expense, and not something that adds value to my account. So they want people to return for Archeage Unchained but are returning their old assets to them in a damaged state... It's going to be the Auroria launch all over again, which is at least a step up from the initial launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amelia Earhart View Post
    So they want people to return for Archeage Unchained but are returning their old assets to them in a damaged state...
    Unchained launched with the 6.0 patch so there are no 'old assets' on Unchained servers. The female Elf appearance issue therefore doesnt affect Unchained, only the legacy servers. And there really wasn't any effort on Gamigo's part to attract players back to Legacy, it's pretty clear they'd prefer you to go to Unchained.

    However, I understand your disappointment. Legacy players are generally feeling pretty unloved :/

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    done a ticket for this issue on 10-27-2019, a reply 1 month later to tell
    Thank you for contacting us. We apologise for this belated response.
    Unfortunately, you are not the only person to address this problem. Our technicians and developers are working on it. Unfortunately, we do not know any more than that at the moment. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you, this incident has been brought back to the right service and we understand your frustration with this problem that lasts over time. We hope that the problem will be resolved shortly.
    Thank you for your patience. We remain available to you for any other questions or problems.
    Very cordially,
    hoping they're not paid based on solved tickets, otherwise they'll starve

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    I haven't had any reply and its been 17 days and counting.

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    I got this response to my ticket about all my elves appearance as returning player and I got nothing even tho I been a paying customer and I believe I got customer rights since this happened due to graphic changes in the game, and it was their fault they destroyed all my elves.

    ****** (Gamigo Group)

    Jan 28, 06:54 CST
    Greetings *****

    Thank you for your patience.

    Unfortunately our past communication regarding your Elf is all customer support is able to do in terms of assisting you at this point in time; we have forwarded your concerns over to the development team.

    We invite you to submit your feedback directly to our development team using our official forums:
    Kyprosa, Anthalon & Kyrios & <3 Aier Forever <3

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    Hello again,

    We do understand how unfortunate it is that you have missed this phase, and how this might be frustrating.
    This event has been publicly announced and communicated. We tried to reach our community so no one would miss it.
    (For example: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...-Temporary-Fix)

    Again, we are sorry to hear that you have missed it, but sadly it is out of our policy to offer any more assistance in form of compensation for this topic.
    Please understand that we cannot contact every customer individually to inform them about issues like this.

    We wish you a pleasant week nonetheless.


    Just an update. Honestly, being that I submitted the ticket in December... I can't say I have any faith in the company after having just gotten a conclusion like this now. They couldn't give anything to fix the issue... Which I honestly wasn't expecting. For a game company to politely say your ♥♥♥♥ out of luck and that its the player's fault for not being at the event?

    At this point its just a scam...

    "Want you characters to look normal again? Pay up! Cause we aren't going to fix them for you. We gave you 2 months in our almost 5 years of running this game to fix this problem, and you not being here is just how we roll."

    Archeage Launch bombed. Apex immediately becoming an issue with bots. Auroria failing to launch as intended. Tons of Thunderstruck trees being in cash boxes. And now making people pay to fix their elves if they are returning more then 2 months after the implementation.

    How can unchained be unchained with this kind of policy and conduct? Its the same company running both games...

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    It Seems my female elf avatar's face has changed too.. since last update.. I posted about this in another thread, as i was unsure of where to post? I can not just get credits for the salon.. and yes it matters to me that her face looks like crap all of a sudden..
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    I realize this is not an unchained issue , since this has happened to both my elves in regular archeage, and I realize that they tried to help fix this issue on unchained version, however my issue is new, and not a missed opportunity to fix their mistake in unchained. My issue started from the last update, and was hoping it would somehow get fixed with this last update.. wrong answer i guess my toon will go around looking marred on one, and burnt on the other.. I don't see any reason why the AA teams can not help fix this.. since they caused it in the first place.

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