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Thread: 3 bloody days.

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    3 bloody days.

    I tried now for 3 bloody days and nothing. The client ask me to link my steam account which I press yes and it fails to do it but according to my account on the website I have gotten does 250 store credits so it must have been linked yet im only allowed to download the tiral version and nothing the other games but im not allowed to play the Full version I bloody paid for.

    Shall I just ask for a refund and say to hell with this broken ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥. Or is there a solution beside waiting for them answer my ticket.

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    Don't play through steam

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    Maybe you didn't get the accounts linked right. These steps might help:
    • Launch Glyph via Steam
    • Click on your account on the top right where it says Steam account
    • Click log off
    • Close Glyph
    • Close Steam entirely
    • Open Steam
    • Launch Glyph
    • You will be prompted to merge and walked through it

    It's always better to play direct from Glyph and not through Steam, especially if you have more than one character, since Steam won't let you choose which character gets things you claim through the website, and there's a lot of free stuff claimed that way.

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