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Thread: disappointing new winter pack mount

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    disappointing new winter pack mount


    I'd like to say that the mount you by from the 9500 credits winter pack is disappointing, because it has no gear and there is also no way to equip it ingame right now. So, you buy a mount for 9500 credits (more expensive than the game itself) and you end up with a mount which is slower than many mounts you can get for free through playing, because you can't equip it with anything.

    I think the players who purchased the mount with this expensive pack deserve receiving a mail with the gear for the mount, or at a bare minimum a way to get it ingame one way or the other. Right now the mount has no defense, no speed etc.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Thanks for information. I planed to buy this pack, but now will be thinking and wait for publisher reaction/answer.
    Most problem of current publisher politic, after em sent to hell main feature AA:Unchained (non-P2W), is a lack of detailed information about "new products". Why should I find info about pack contents on 3rd party resources?

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    (1) The legacy version has armor pieces, so, yes, it should also be available for unchained. source
    (2) Just to make it clear: You didn't buy the mount. You bought a bundle that contains the mount as well as 2 costumes. And those 2 costumes are already worth 6000 credits if you take 3k credits as the average costume price.
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    Those costumes are quite expensive i have 1 of them already thou so i don't need the same again and i won't buy a mount that i have no understanding of its skills or if it had its armor which i understand now from others it hasn't, that's not very luxury now is it, so that's a no for now.

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