Learn more about the ever-powerful separated lovers, Morpheus and Rangora, experience the return of Stillwater Gulf with a deadly revamp - randomized natural disasters and increasing difficulty as time goes on, and much more in our December Update.

The Chronicles: Eternal Oath

You are summoned to meet with the sovereigns regarding a mysterious new weapon wielded by a powerful foe wreaking havoc throughout Erenor. Learn who, or what, is behind the merciless slaughter of hundreds of Nuians and Haranyans in the newest Chronicles Questline, "Eternal Oath"!

Explore this new chronicle, by unlocking it via Chronicle UI and begin a series of 22 quests for the Nuian Alliance and 18 quests for the Haranya Alliance at your local hero hall.
Both questlines can be unlocked by members of any faction, but be careful: only members of the Nuia Alliance can experience their version of this chronicle. The same counts for the Haranyan version of the chronicle.
Pirates unfortunately will not be able to complete either of these questlines, as long as they remain members of their faction.

Morpheus the Deathtrigger

Morpheus and Rangora sailed across Erenor together as a loving couple. Dahuta, who saw this, was not accepted by her lover and became jealous of the bond they had. So, to separate the two she sent a Kraken to destroy their ship and separate the two. Morpheus and his crew survived and ended up on Growlgate Isle, however, Rangora was not as lucky and was cast to sea.
Morpheus was struck with grief, and Dahuta whispered into his ear that if he could offer the Goddess ten thousand lives she would bring him his beloved Rangora back to him, alive. An offer he couldn't refuse, he began a killing spree of any soul that crossed him or his crew's path. There are still thousands of lives Morpheus is due to fulfill the contract with the Goddess, and he only grows more powerful.

When fighting Morpheus, he transforms to his more powerful form - Morpheus the Deathtrigger - after reaching 80% health or lower.

Rangora The Oathbound

After the incident that separated Morpheus and Rangora at the hands of Dahuta, the contract was made for Rangora's life to be restored. Dahuta restored Rangora's life, and without knowing Rangora awoke on Growlgate Isle and searched for her lover, Morpheus. Though upon finding him, he was no longer the man that she knew. He was drunk and had gone mad at the thought of losing his lover.
Thinking that Rangora was just an illusion to haunt him, he aimed his gun at Rangora and fired, taking her life. Dahuta watched as the beautiful tragedy played out before her eyes and revived Rangora once more. She told Rangora of what had happened, and convinced Rangora to take this opportunity to have her very own taste of the power of Gods which she accepted.

Upon defeating Captain Rangora, there is a chance that Rangora the Oathbound will spawn.

Achievements and quests were added relate to Rangora the Oathbound.

Rank 2 Auroria Boss Awakening Scrolls

New Awakening Scrolls have been added for the Burning Oath and Frozen Anguish.

Improved Morpheus Awakening Scroll:
Can only be used on a Legendary or above grade Burning Oath.
Successful awakening can cause equipment with tempering points above +20 to loose up to -2 points, but won't drop the item below +20.

Improved Rangora Awakening Scroll:
Can only be used on a Legendary or above grade Frozen Anguish.
Successful awakening can cause equipment with tempering points above +20 to loose up to -2 points, but won't drop the item below +20.

These scrolls are crafted at a Proven Warrior Workbench and provide the Printing proficiency.
They require Honorforged Medals and the item that drops from either Morpheus the Deathtrigger (Fierce Vow's Blood) or Rangora the Oathbound (Bitter Teardrop), depending which scroll is being crafted.

Revamped Stillwater Gulf

The Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf is now revamped and has reopened and is now available through the Instance button. Up to 50 players (Lv30+) can access this cross-server instance and engage in combat against all participants aboard your Combat Clipper!

Stillwater Gulf has a 60 minute play time with the Greedy Shadows making it increasingly challenging as the game progresses. Stillwater Gulf starts after a 60 second Standby phase, which is when the protective bubble around the starting island disappears, and players can begin gliding out.
The instance has four unique areas: Halfmoon Bay, Gathering Seahag, Collapsing Earth and Greed Isles. Supplies are scattered across the map to enhance your clipper. During the game players can view their rank, progress, and status of the Greedy Shadows.

Find supplies to build and upgrade your Clipper (up to Lv.15) throughout the battle. Some Special Skills will allow participant to install traps, throw barrel bombs, fire torpedos, and more in order to defeat your opponents.
However tread carefully! When a trap is triggered, the player’s location is revealed for all participants in the instance.

Various natural disaster can occur during the fight randomly all over the map. Avoid the Poison Clouds, twisters and meteors falling from the sky that can deals significant damages to your Clipper. However, high grade supplies may spawn where a natural disaster occured, so be strategic!

The top 10 players when the game ends are ruled the winners, and participants will receive rewards based on ranking after their daily entries are done. The rewards are as follows:

1st Place: Kyrios Badge x100, Honorable Victory Rank 3 x1, and Naval Commendations x5
2nd Place: Kyrios Badge x50, Honorable Victory Rank 4 x1, and Naval Commendations x4
3rd Place: Kyrios Badge x40, Honorable Victory Rank 5 x1, and Naval Commendations x3
4th Place: Kyrios Badge x30, Honorable Victory Rank 5 x1, and Naval Commendations x2
5th Place: Kyrios Badge x28, Honorable Victory Rank 5 x1, and Naval Commendation x1
6th Place: Kyrios Badge x26
7th Place: Kyrios Badge x24
8th Place: Kyrios Badge x22
9th-24th Place: Kyrios Badge x20-5
25th-30th Place: Kyrios Badge x3
31st-40th Place: Kyrios Badge x2
41st-50th Place: Kyrios Badge x1

Additionally, there are achievements that you can unlock that correspond to the number of victories and lives you claim in Stillwater Gulf. Each Achievement rewards 1 Gilda Star each.

Stillwater Combat Clipper

A new ship, 30-Day Scroll: Stillwater Combat Clipper, has been added. This ship is only temporary and is obtained by using 50 Naval Commendations obtained in Stillwater Gulf. This ship has overall better stats than a standard clipper, but the components cannot be replaced and only lasts 30 days. This Clipper takes and deals no Collision Damage and has the same skills as the Caernord Battle Clipper.

Rampage Series Vehicle Customization

A new version has been added to the Rampage Series, the Rampage GT!
The S200, B200, C200 and Rampage Chroma can all be converted to the Rampage GT, but please note that there is no way to revert his vehicle back, so proceed with caution. This vehicle has the same stats and skills as standard Rampage Vehicles, but has a fun new feature - the back slot of the vehicle can be used for more than just seats for your friends! If you want to carry more passengers, back seats are a must. However, you can instead increase the rank of Supercharging with Rampage Nitro, play to your hearts content with either the Brown or White Piano, show off your style with various decorations or change the music played in the vehicle with the Noryette Phonograph in the back slots to add a little more personal flair to your vehicle!

That's not all of the changes that are available. Storage Crate Slots have been added to the Redwood Roadster, Nova Speedster and Apex Drift! Placing the Trade Pack Storage in this slot grants an extra spot to store your Trade Packs, allowing you up to 3 Trade Packs in total. Placing extra trade packs will add more weight and subsequently slow your vehicles movement speed!
The Trade Pack Storage can be crafted with the following:
Total Upgrade Ticket x6, Nuri Forest Lumber x10, Rising Star Stone x5 and Sunridge Ingot x5

Machine Anchoring Charms and Shards

○ Epic Machine Anchoring Shard can now be crafted into a Charm and Emblem at the Improved Workbench, and can only be used on Epic Grade Machine Components
• Epic Machine Anchoring Charm decreases Destruction Chance -50% and multiplies Regrade Success by 2.
• Epic Machine Anchoring Emblem decreases Destruction Chance -50%
○ Legendary Machine Anchoring Shard can now be crafted into a Charm and Emblem at the Improved Workbench, and can only be used on Legendary Grade Machine Components
• Legendary Machine Anchoring Charm decreases Destruction Chance -50% and multiplies Regrade Success by 2.
• Legendary Machine Anchoring Emblem decreases Destruction Chance -50%
○ Both type of Shards require 230,000 Masonry Proficiency in order to be used for Crafting and require different additional materials, such as Lucky Sunpoint/Moonpoint/Starpoint, Superior Red Regrade Charm and Silver Regrade Charm

Mysthrane Gorge Faction Competition

Similar to the system we already have in Reedwind, we're bringing a Faction Competition system to Mysthrane Gorge. This new competition begins during the War in Mysthrane Gorge and it only ends whenever a faction reaches the score limit.

When a faction wins the competition, their points reset to 0. But the other 2 faction get to keep their points and continue from where they left off in the next War period. The victorious faction's Risopoda then spawns at the Central Hall. After that, the victorious faction can interact with the Risopoda and summon Nehliya.

After a faction wins the competition, the two losing factions take continuous damage from Abyssal Paralysis and get slowed if they try to enter the Central Hall. Sorry folks, reserved for the winners only!

If no faction reaches the goal during the 11-hours of War, the zone is prepared for the next War cycle. This preparation takes 10 minutes of Peace and a 50 minutes of Conflict.

Nehliya only stays at the center for an hour. If the winning faction can't defeat her in time, she despawns and another faction competition begins.

Gaining Faction Points in Mysthrane Gorge

There is a Daily Quest given by Mellia in the Crimson Watch Base. This quest is like a small progression bar and certain activities you accomplish in the zone will fill this bar. Competing this quest will grant your faction with 8 Faction Competition Points. But of course, 8 Faction Competition Points is not the only reward you get from this quest. It also grants you XP and Coins. And it goes without saying, in order to earn 8 Faction Competition Points and contribute to the score, the competition must first be in-progress.

Additionally, you can gain quest points by hunting various enemy NPCs in Mysthrane Gorge. Higher the rank of an enemy NPC, the higher quest points you get. Aside from hunting for monsters, you can also collect Haradium Shards and take them to the supply depot to earn quest points. These shards randomly spawn in the zone.

You can also gain Faction Points by hunting the Risopoda. Regardless of a competition being active or not, the Risopoda can be summoned by a faction hero once every 36 hours. But do keep in mind that if a faction competition is not active at the time, the competition points you get from hunting the Risopoda will not be added to the scoreboard!

Risopoda Hunt and Nehliya Changes

The way you can fight the Risopoda and challenge Nehliya have changed with the introduction of the Mysthrane Faction Competition! Risopoda will no longer summon on their own but will harken to the call of a faction hero! They can be summoned once every 36 hours. During this time, only the summoning faction will be able to enter the sealstone area and challenge the Risopoda. In the event another faction is in the area upon the Risopoda summoning, they will be teleported away to the safety of the Crimson Watch Base. Upon defeating the Risopoda 1500 Faction Points will be awarded if the Faction Competition is active upon its defeat.
Further adjustments have been made to the Risopoda, including the changing of it's path it travels. The Risopoda's health has been reduced, however it will now deal additional damage to idle targets with the use of a new skill. So keep on moving!

Nehliya will no longer be available after defeating the Risopoda. You will only be able to challenge Nehliya, The Queen of Annihilation after your faction wins the Faction Competition in Mysthrane Gorge by reaching a certain amount of Faction Points. Sorry reds, you will not be able to challenge her unless you win the Faction Competition yourself!
Nehliya and the Risopoda hunt still will only last 40 minutes after they are spawned, so be sure to plan ahead to ensure victory for the glory of your faction and Erenor!