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Thread: Reasons because online is low

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    Reasons because online is low


    this topic only is my opinion about the reasons because online is low on servers. I play on Halnak, bcs i will wrote based only on the online of this server. There's no ppl, server is empty

    it's simple

    The reason is one - free money, free gold, free items, all for free in events. Gamigo distributes all game items to people for free in events. Cars, speedboats, erenor essence, etc - all that cost money or resources for craft. Craft 1 car cost ~8-10 k gold. Speedboat ~ 2k gold. Erenor essence (mystic) 10 k gold. etc

    so, when ppl took all this for free-> they no need more anything. They no need to carry packs (regional or cargo), no need craft, no need play for make all items, those you given to all for free.

    bcs server is empty. nothing more.

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    transfer, merge - will be very little sense, ppl will not play more if they are has all that they are need anymore. But you can merge all servers to one, then online wiil be +/- normal.

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    However, even if you did merge everything, the population would not stay. History shows us this. It's the business plan they have that is flawed.

    This is a game that primarily encourages PvP. However, in that vein, skills mean very little. High Gear Score is all that is needed to defeat your opponents. You gain high Gear Score by grinding, grinding, grinding. The game, IMHO, is not designed toward the Casual player. Only players who are willing to dedicate multiple hours per day will achieve the 10k+ gear scores that are the Minimum required to participate in many events.

    What do we see in Chat? People forming Library groups or Noryette - and they add ' 10k gear minimum'. There was a time that you would see Chat ads for Greater dungeon groups or Sea of Drowning love. Not anymore. Those dungeons don't give out high enough rewards for people to bother doing them - or at 10k GS, can be solo'd.

    Casual players get left out of the combat loop. Before all the changes, they had events everyone could participate in. Halcy, all you did was jump through a portal and you were automatically added to the group. Mistmerrow, same thing (newer people don't even know about MM and how much fun it was.). When Unchained started, I was trying to develop the character levels as well as get land, build house, do stuff that would generate gold (all of which takes time away from grinding). So, Halcy pops on my screen and I enter. ... And I got kicked because they didn't like my GS. Tried again a few other times. Same result. I have never been able to even get IN to Halcy under the new rules because the 'Leaders' can kick whoever they want to out of Halcy.

    Of course, these were the same people who did not even have a basic cart to carry 2 packs at once when they showed up to do GR.

    You can research the History. Over the years Archeage has gone through multiple merges - so much so, that they changed the term to ' evolutions ' - which is IMHO a weak attempt at ignoring failure. Evolution would be the game progressing from one state to a new state. Taking multiple servers and moving all those players onto a single server, without any new rule changes, without the game being any different than it had been, is a Merge. And IMHO, Merges signal failure. They mean many many players have quit playing.

    Merges don't fix anything if the reasons players stop playing are not addressed. They do cause more players to leave, since All players lose all the land they have worked hard to develop and have to start over, dealing with a new Land Rush.


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    also diligence shop too. All items is "full kit" (full item) - all gliders, car (rampage chroma), anything else. Need only doing login 1 time a week, doing archepass and after 4-5 week ppl can buy any glider for 400 diligence coin. "Daily-week game". But for what? You yourself tried play this game same? This game no sense.

    For what play such "daily-week game"? I don't know. May be you (gamigo / trion) know? If you know, it's good, but i think that if you know this, so not good, or don't know.
    I think you don't understand what is this game. It's economic game with player interaction and pvp elements. Pvp in this game - it's a way of getting money without spending labor points.

    when you removed economic and player interaction elements, you removed the whole point of the game. Ppl will not play "daily week game" for make gliders collection after 1,5-2 years. They are will leave game after few time because they will get bored it. Grind for grind no make sense. In start was a lot of ppl bcs they thought that "free equipment and free things" it's a main things in the game, but it's false and thats why this ppl was leave.

    in shop you was could add not "full items", for example 200-250 diligence coin for personal "glider design" (price for example). Who need, they are could buy design in diligence shop for 200-250 dili coins, buy all resources from auction and craft this glider. The same as for craft car (rampage croma). And etc. For this need play, bcs need resources for craft, need money (gold), need craft item - It's online.

    you was could btp only with "free patron-account and a little more things (design items, for example)". W/o "full kit items" in shop for dili coins and w/o "full kit items" in events.

    you can try change diligence shop and your events. Anyway you have nothing to lose bcs you almost "killed project". Maybe you can change it and raise online

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    If they completely changed everything at this point, the only people that get hurt are New players.

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    with this, that now, new players will not come to unchained version. Now no have new players. And no will be. Bcs no sense to play. Old players there is bcs he have "free items" from old archpasses where all was for free and a lot of. Old players came bcs gamigo gave "free equip" to them, but also old players are leaving bcs "they have nothing to play" with this free "erenor-equip gliders cars speed boats, all for free"

    equip - it's no main point in this game. Main point - process. When all ppl has erenor equip+20 all glaiders cars pets boats, them nothing to do and they are close the game.

    in this game not "normal" guild system and sieges, only instance and cross-server + grind mobs. For what need all this "free top items"? For mobs?

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    I don't know.

    Like I said, IMHO, its the business plan that is flawed. The Gear Score gap keeps getting wider and wider, which means new players can't compete for literally years. Yet new events, new expansions add infusions and items for those already of the elite level gear, making them more powerful, and leaving newer players behind. You can't get In to a Library group without a 10k GS. You can't even get IN to the Garden unless you are Ancestral 26 and a minimum Gear Score of 14k (per their patch notes), and that is an expansion you would pay extra for.


    I honestly don't know what they are thinking.

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    •Leave one server as a server for lower GS. A starting server with a free xfer after hitting Ancestral 1.
    •The rest should be merged down to 2.
    •Make a queueing system for Noryette, Lib, and other dungeons that does a level-based match making and have the difficulty scale depending on level range of party.
    •Slighty tone down Garden monster difficulty.

    *To the person who talked about free items. Yes that's what events are for. And if you choose not to participate, then you not getting in on those items are your fault. If they are free vehicles of any sort, they are time-based as they will expire anywhere from 7 days to 30 days. As far as the Rampage for Diligence, you still have to earn that Diligence. It actually takes time to get 1500. And that means that until you get it, you don't get the luxury of buying anything else. Full-Kits aren't a big deal. The thing is EVERYONE has the same opportunity to achieve items. Put in a couple hours of work. If you have time to sit and play games then you have to time get up and go work and put in a little extra time. The p2w on Unchained is not all that bad. And keep in mind people who spend on the marketplace still have to GRIND real life money. The only issue with the marketplace is the lack of cosmetic items. AND the price. Costumes are ridiculously steep. No one wants to pay $30-$40 for an outfit. Halve those costs and they would actually make more money there. Remove storage chests from marketplace and lessen the materials required to craft them.

    **You guys really need to talk with XL Games. Because most content added is endgame content. THAT ALONE creates a bigger gear gap. We need more zones that aren't high level-based.
    ***A COUPLE MORE RACES! This has been discussed for years. THIS would give an incentive for new players, and give high GS players a reason to invest time into a new character.
    ****Create Damage-Type DEBUFFS for armor types. Plate decreases magic/holy damage 30%/increased block/parry rate. Leather decreases magic/holy damage 20%/increased evasion/accuracy 10%. Cloth decreases physical damage/increased evasion/accuracy 5%. I say this because this strays from the traditional armor type to class. Mages generally wear cloth. LEARN your class! Don't just rely on spamming high/damage spells while negating physical damage because you're plate. Shield is okay. Yes you take more more magic damage but if you have the higher GS you will still be able to fire off your skills and damage quicker while easily defending yourself from physical attacks. Also offer 7 armor transformation tickets for each armor piece that are bound after the changes to armor are made.
    *****Hold more FUN events that are great for all GS ranged players. Maybe make a new small continent or a few zones all connected as neutral which can be used for mid level players to high level players from both main factions to do quests for XP. XP will be on a sliding scale. This will allow players of all levels to group up together and maybe meet some new people.
    ******Hire in-game moderators who monitor chat and are readily there to handle any exploiting, hacks, and inappropriate/toxic behaviors.

    I'm sure Gamigo doesn't take any of our wants into consideration nor do they actually read these posts. So I guess this comment is just nothing more than a player's opinion. I've played since beta. I've seen what works and what doesn't. And have an idea of what can work.
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