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Thread: Should i Return

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    Should i Return

    Hello, i got unchained near its launch but because of issues with some apex pass or whatever it was i ended up stopping. I was wondering the state of the game. Based on steam charts it only have about 150 players on at any given time, if u split that across severs i would assume the game is dead.

    I don't have the Garden of the gods dlc, getting it isn't really an isse. Assuming this would be manator.

    Can someone give me a idea of the state of the game; i live in europe so if i was to return it be an Eu Server.

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    You can't really use steam charts for a game that works better on its own client.

    Of course you can't compare the population to the launch period, but there a lot more players than you think.
    Also, transfers opened a few days ago so it is hard to get replies on current activities on each server.
    I can only tell you that Alexander is doing fine and quite a few players transfered there (and only some transfered away).
    No idea about the other servers.

    I often use land as an indicator of a server's health and on some servers (like Crazzian) you can find open spots in many regions and you can even build mansions (44x44) while on other servers (like Alexander) you may have a hard time finding open spots (maybe a few 16x16s, but not connected).
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    Go Alexander for eu its pretty rammed thou, especially west u wont find land not for free or extremely rare, east was some land free but getting filled quick to transfers now, lel steam chart i do not think that reflects the player base.

    east try sunbite, arcum, mahadevi for lands, whalesong had some if u dont mind a pvp area.

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