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Thread: Mobs not dropping unidentified armor

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    Mobs not dropping unidentified armor

    So I went out to try and get an image item with a fresh level 1 alt, the drop I was trying to get is supposed to drop from certain level 1-10 mobs. I made sure to look up which exact mobs dropped the item I wanted using the archeage codex.
    I have grinded for said item before so I know it's supposed to drop there but alas I was not able to get a SINGLE unidentified armor of ANY type.
    Was I just terribly unlucky or is this an actual bug??
    Can anybody else confirm this?
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    It's been like that since the release of the "Chronicles" Update in October 2020.
    There was no official statement on this, so I can't tell if it is a bug or an undocumented change.

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