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Thread: I have problems with my Flawless ring mission hiram chosed

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    I have problems with my Flawless ring mission hiram chosed

    when you deliver the materials of 200 Starlight Archeum Crystal, 15 Ayanad Wizards Token, 8 Stolem Ayanad Anime, 300 Abyssal Crytal
    I give you this mission:https://imgur.com/2sFMDaa

    before accepting it tells you all this

    1) there l finished creating the condensed holy water im aftraid to admit thought that my calculations were off by a bit in the current state l dont believe the water is strong enough to full purify your ring

    2) so far l have only read about about a way to further amplify the magic that resides in holy water but l guess we will have to put it to the test if we want to seccessfully clear your ring

    3) have your ever heard of the flawless dream ring its a ring with unmatched powers and if we can combine its power into your hirams chosen ring l believe it might just do the trick

    4) its perhaps best if we turn to a fellow collgue of mine to make sure we get this right we only get one chance at purifying that ring of yours lets not mess it up

    5) go find sleving in the heart of ayanad lobby of the abssal library take this condensed holy water and this flawless dream ring and ask him to infuse their power into the holy water


    I also put the video to me where it arrives at minute 4:03 nothing appears to me as you see in the photo, first I have everything, I delivered all the materials that he asked me and he would give me that mission when I go talk to SLEVIN, no mission appears so no I can complete the search for my ring it is clear it is a game error

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    I am sorry I couldn't help you in your other thread.
    I had another look (because I actually haven't done this questline myself yet and even thought you were on another questline) and I have an idea what might be the problem now.

    You have the quest "Not enough mana" so it is clear that you have everything that is related to that questline.
    However, Slevin's quest "Ayanad Mana" does not pop up for you though, right?

    The problem is most likely that you don't have the "flawless dream ring".

    It is mentioned in the quest text, and you can also see it in Ayin's video at 3:45 and in the video description.
    from Ayin's video description
    3:20 5. Not Enough Mana
    You need Flawless Dream Ring for this part.
    A child of song, a child of rage
    Abandoned in another age
    Now ancient hate and rhymes that bind
    Make paradise a tomb divine
    And demons trapped in beauty’s thrall
    Hunt those who heed the bloodsong’s call.

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    have if that's how you understand That should give me a mission or condensed holy water, nothing appears to me, the search is broken.


    I spent 22k gold on the crystals in the end I can't even have my ring

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