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    Create a Player Guide for ArcheAge and Get Rewarded!

    Heroes aren't born, they are made.

    And for a chance to win amazing rewards, now you can assist your fellow Chosen Ones by creating creative and helpful written or video player guides of ArcheAge! Help our future heroes navigate the wonders of Erenor.

    Whether it's cool strats to clear some of your favorite instances faster or simple tips on increasing your gear score, everything counts to new adventurers in a world as complex as ArcheAge! If your creation is selected as one of the winners, it may be featured on our websites to help players get around effortlessly. And all thanks to you.

    How do I participate?
    It's easy, and the choice is yours! From an experienced How-To video or written guide on one of the many in-depth systems you feel isn't explained well in-game, or topics such as our world events like Crimson or Grimghast Rifts or maybe even all about Castles and Contribution! If you can write a guide about it, you can enter it! As long as it's about something in ArcheAge, you decide. And, flaunt your linguistic skills since your guide can be in English, German, or French.

    Are you in need of some inspiration? You can browse some of our New Player Questions in our forums, on Reddit, or even our Game Guide to see the categories we cover!

    All entries must be submitted to this forum thread during our entry period from January 14, 2021, to March 11, 2021. If it's going to be a long guide, feel free to link to your forum thread or video in our official thread! Sorry, written guides and videos created before this period will not be eligible for a prize. Now maybe a good time to revamp and get more in-depth on a guide you previously created! You can enter as many times as you want, but you will only receive one reward.

    Yeah, helping is cool, but what are the rewards?
    Helping out hundreds of fresh-faced heroes-to-be is rewarding itself, but don't worry, we have something to sweeten the deal. The more effort and complex the guide, the sweeter the reward.

    The guide considered to be the most helpful (1st place) will receive an A-List Token, 30-Day Mirage Emberwild Charger, and a choice of either an Airseer, Firespeaker, or Mountcaller Storybook Pet!

    The 2nd place and 3rd place rewards are an A-List Title Token and their choice of either an Airseer, Firespeaker, or Mountcaller Storybook Pet.

    Fret not if you don't place as one of our grand winners because all entrants will receive an A-List Token to receive the A-List title for creating a guide in this event as long as it meets our eligibility requirements!

    What are the Rules?
    – All entries must be an accurate, in-depth, written, or video guide on a system within ArcheAge and/or ArcheAge: Unchained.
    – Entries must be submitted via the Official Forums and should indicate the name and server of the character the entrant wishes to receive the reward on. The name and server will additionally appear on the guide on our official page unless requested otherwise. Entries received elsewhere will not be considered.
    – Entries must be received between January 14, 2021, and no later than March 11, 2021, at 23:59 UTC.
    – Guides and How-Tos made before the entry period are not available for entry. Sorry!
    – Entrants can enter as many times as they want but will only receive at maximum one reward.
    – Code of Conduct and Terms of Service apply (No Nudity, Racism, Offensive Imagery, etc.)

    All good things don't last forever. While we heartily invite our community to create guides, this contest will end on March 11, 2021, at 23:59 UTC. Be sure to get your video or written guides in before it's too late!
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    I propose a guide for Tempering (Maple - Hieronimus EU Unchained).

    Also a excel doc with everything relate to Synthesis (Update to the latest Kr Patch).

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    I dont see "russian"... I would win. You're all very lucky!

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    Comprehensive Black Dragon Guide

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    Hellhound, Hieronimus

    ArcheAge Family Guide

    ArcheAge has a pretty simple family system. It expands ownership and helps collect a vacation reputation to purchase several items from Vacation Store. This guide breaks down the mechanics and capabilities of the family.

    To create a new family, we need at least 2 characters and Family Certificate which can be purchased from General Merchants.

    Select the player, open the context menu with the right mouse button on the character panel and select "Invite to family". The character must not be in another family or be fined to join.
    The player who used the form is appointed as the head.
    Know: A family of two characters will disband if someone leaves it and loose all its progress.

    Family Menu:
    The family menu could be opened by pressing SHIFT + V, Family Tab

    Family Info: Character Name,Title, level and role.
    Family: Display the family composition: Offline players are grayed out after clicking the Offline button. Roles can only be selected from the existing ones, and any text can be written in the nickname. The role and nickname are only visible within the family.
    By clicking with right-click on the player name, you can invite to the squad and raid, write private messages.
    The family head has the authority to transfer rights and exile from the family, change roles and nicknames.

    Family Expansion: The number of players in the family is limited to eight.
    A Family Grown Ticket is required to open an additional four slots. The ticket can be purchased from the Credit shop under Consumables Tab or the Diligence shop in Archeage Unchained version under the same tab.

    Invitation: The field and the button are available to everyone, but only the leader has the right to invite new members or by writing in the game chat /familyinvite “char name”

    *Hostel player can be invited to the family and doesn’t leave it even if he decides to exile to another fraction..
    Leave: You need a family ticket in order to leave. Take in advance, or the next 24 hours, it will be impossible to receive a family invitation.

    If you own a property or a home chest, you can share the right with your family members for buildings and chests, exception to Otherworld Storage. This is handy for players with big families to transfer items easier and work on farms together.

    Name changing: To change the family name you need a Family Name Change Ticket which can be purchased from the Credit shop under Consumables Tab or the Diligence shop in Archeage Unchained version under the same tab.

    Vacation shop: Here you to purchase certain items which you cannot purchase from the seed merchant.

    Family level: The family has a permanent effect that improves with new levels.

    * First level: Experience gained from spending labor increased by 20%.

    * Second level: Increased the speed of carrying packs.

    * Third level: The duration of the move effect for a fishing boats and a merchant schooner has been increased.

    Experience gained from completed challenges increases the level. They are made to earn vacation points and give players the ability to share their property safely.
    Each family level require 15k exp.
    Family can earn EXP point from doing daily quests.
    Each quest adds 100 experience points. It takes 15,000 experience to reach the second level and 45,000 experience for the third.
    When a player leaves the family, 10% of experience is lost. However, departure of a family member cannot reduce the level.

    Quests available under All In Family Tab in the Family Menu.

    First quest: Community Center Supplies
    Can only be completed by owners of buildings on the western or eastern mainland.
    The regional community manager issues the residents of the location with a task to deliver resources.
    In each location, one of the following materials is requested, 30 pieces each:

    * Leather
    * Stone Breaks
    * Iron Ingot
    * Lumber
    * Fabric

    As a reward you will receive 1,500 Vacation Points, Gilda Star, and a Blue Salt Bond.
    The Bond is used in the development of the regional community.
    10 labor point will be consumed in the development of the community, and the contribution to development is increased by 10 units.
    Max level of the regional community gives different bonuses or ability to purchase regional items.
    When the level of development reaches third stage, in 15 days a dividend will be sent to the mail. This is a certain amount of gold coins that the community has managed to accumulate during its development. The profits are divided among all residents who have contribution points
    Bonds can be used also to craft a certain packs and Certain items in the fraction castle.

    Second Quest: Family Quest

    Two or more players are required. Take the quest item from the community manager. An item will be thrown into the inventory. Place an object on the ground when used.
    Every day there is a new task, but the same for everyone in your family. Players must choose one of three roles. The fourth button starts the test if a minimum of two is selected.
    By starting the test, the object can be selected. Buffs will be displayed under health. The colors of the buffs correspond to the roles that were chosen before the start of the task

    Third quest: Cargo Delivery
    This quest requires you to deliver a Cargo Pack from Ost Terra\Vilanelle\Ynyster to Two crowns for Harani and from Two Crowns\Solzreed\Cinderstone to Ost Tera for Nuia.

    **sorry for my english

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    Artistry-Music Making

    If you like to do music there is artistry in the game. It uses something called MML code. MML code can be very confusing at first, but once you got the basics you are pretty set. I suggest getting 3MLE for this, cause it works a lot better than others. Get the Mabanogi version since the Archage version is kinda broke. It doesn't show any instruments when you try to change it.

    Well here is a little guide to help you get through the basics of music making.

    The basic notes are set to length 4 by default. So L4. You can change it by putting in the code L1-32. The notes are based on the music length so 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. At the beginning of the first track. If you see a 4, and no L was designated you can remove the 4s till a L has been used. This will help shorten your songs to the minimum possible character use.

    The standard notes are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These are what actually makes a sound when you play it on music paper. You can change the octaves with these character. < and > a full stop on a note is with a . and to seperate tracks you use , flats, and sharps can be made by using of the -, and + character - being flat, and + being sharp.

    I have noticed when using 3MLE you have what I call N notes. This is where if you are trying to "Optimize" one, or more tracks. The program glitches, and sets a N note to designate what that note is. I do have a long list of N notes that I have debugged to their rightful characters. Such as N66 is >f+16 If need be I can give the list of N notes in the replies following this. I just would like to know someone wants them before I actually spend all the time doing it.

    Standard octaves: You can change octaves as said before with <, and > being < octave up, and > octave down. However if you are changing octaves more than 2 times between a set of notes it is normally better to just say O, and the octave you wish it to be. Normally the tracks are set to O4, and changes as the song progresses with <, and >. To help understand what the octave is in a part of a song you can hover your mouse over the note in 3MLE, and it will tell you in the bottom left corner.

    An example of a finished song would be like so.

    Nayru's Lyric note count:421
    t100d<ag8g8a2.>d<ag8g8a2dd+ga+a2.agfg2.>d<ag8g8a2. >d<ag8g8a2dd+ga+a2.agfg2.>d<ag8g8a2.>d<ag8g8a2dd+g a+a2.agfg2.
    ,r2l8d+g2&gcd2&dd+g2&gcd2cd+g2cl4dd+c<aa+1&a+l8>d+ g2&gcd2&dd+g2&gcd2cd+g2cl4dd+c<aa+1&a+l8>d+g2&gcd2 &dd+g2&gcd2cd+g2cl4dd+c<ab2&b8.&b32
    ,l8r<ga+>d4.r<dfa4.rga+>d4.r<dfa4.cd+g2dfa2d+4c4<a 4g2.g>ga+>d4.<<f>dfa4.<g>ga+>d4.<<f>dfa4.<d+>d+g2< f>fa2d+4c4<a4g2.g>ga+>d4.<<f>dfa4.<g>ga+>d4.<<f>df a4.<d+>d+g2<f>fa2l4d+c<ag2.

    Now you might ask a few questions now. Like what is R, and T. Well this is where you are gonna want to start pulling your hair out. Because we are now getting into tempo. Standard tempo is 120, and gets slower as the number is decreased. Such as t100 is slower than t120. Normally songs are in the t75-t120 range, but you can hit play song in the music paper, or in 3mle to be able to listen to it, and figure out the tempo that fits best. Now for R. R is a rest. It is a note that produces no sound, but allows the track to keep going. If you have music paper in game you can copy, and paste the notes I provided above into it via ctrl+v.

    Tracks: Tracks are a fun part of music. It is a string of notes that is played simultaneously with another string of notes. This is what makes a song, a song, and not some long dooting of a flute.

    Instruments: Just equip a new type of instrument in game that has a different sound. If you want to test a song out with a special kind that you have to craft, and put on a house. Mirage has some in the once was slot machine room. Center building. I do suggest playing the song I posted on the harp there. It sounds the best there.

    Any more questions, N notes, or if you just want to have some more premade songs from me. Let me know. I have several Notepads of song notes that I made. Thanks for following through the madness, and my Ted talk.

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    Farmhand Guide

    You have 1K free vigor per week. (500 x 2 )

    The XP gained for each task depends on the Labor consumed

    If you want to quickly increase your fairy's experience, you have to use blue seeds.
    It's use 1 vigor for 5 labor.

    It takes at least 15 weeks with free vigor to be level 21. (Only with blue seed)
    It takes 64 weeks with free vigor to be level 36. (Only with blue seed)

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    Post How to add emoticones inside : Sheet Music, Recruit Information, Etc.

    Hello, today i'm going to explain you how to simply add emitocones inside your Sheet Music's title, your recruit information and more.
    I will explain you the format of the code, the rules and show you some in-game exemple.



    You do "|" with Altg Gr+6.
    Example : |e => Will display the ancestral level wings.

    The Rules
    You will have to follow some rules to not waste music sheet or time.

    • Do not try random codes
    • For Sheet Music : Only 1 Emoticone per title. (They are 12 char. max)
    • For Recruit/Information : 1 Emoticone Only.

    Code List
    Here the X is a numerical value, to change the "0" into a number.
    You can only write text before the code and not after.
    (Excepted for |e you can write before and after !)

    Additionally you can do the code format to create visual link of Items & Quest with :
    And for items you can add ",(1 to 12)" to select a grade.
    |+(i or q)+(ID)
    Here you have the exemple of this title : |i50330,12.

    Some good use you could do :

    You have plenty of use for these emotes you will need to be creative !
    (such as inventory page's name, chat bar name, etc)

    Little disclaimer : As the chat link have been removed since a while in game, you can see those icon only in the bubble info box.

    Hope this little guide will help you to make your recruitment more attractive, and your song name better than before !

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    Beginners guide I had made for Unchained newcomers, simple one but still relevant!



    Dahuta ,Savage,Saint Domingue

    Guides, PvP clips and Giveaways :

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