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Thread: Merge Aria Too

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    Merge Aria Too

    I vote that we merge all three servers. Merge Aria too. The same toxic peeps are doing nothing but ruining the game for noobs and the rest. The pvp community will have other actual pvpers to play with instead of most cyberbullying low gs and noobs. AA is dead so make it more alive by moving everyone.

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    no merge

    No .Most of the people that have been with game since launch are on aria like me we have been through a hell of a lot over the years and been through 2 merges i think we deserve a little consideration .Having to start all over again now would be the straw to break the camels back for quite a few.So unless you have been through it all stop calling for aria to be merged

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    I’ve been with AA since 2014 so I’ve been through the merges and changes. I remember back when 5k gs was op. I remember when apex was too high at 800g each. I’m ready for everyone to be merged so we can either all play together or quit together. What’s the point of merging and bringing new players to certain servers but leaving the rest? I think it’ll be refreshing for everyone.

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    Definately and absolutely NO.
    It's already on high all the time, randomly even queue. Merge would only get server to unplayable state where only some people would be able to get in.
    Just open transfers after Kadum and Nui are merged and things will even out all fine.

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