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Thread: Selling Character Transfers Before Merges

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    Selling Character Transfers Before Merges

    I really just need to state for the record, that in the history of my playing mmos, this sudden selling of character transfers (that continues and is a front page advertising on the launcher as I write this) is the most dishonest and disgusting thing, bordering on a class action lawsuit, that I have ever seen a gaming company do.

    Just when I thought this pub couldn't go lower and filthier, they shockingly keep blowing my expectations out of the water.

    "No honor. No moral compass. No shame." That is the banner of this company.

    "With great power comes a great big off switch."

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    Welllll ... I'm suuuuure this merge decision was just a recent, spur of the moment decision. It's not like they had to plaaaannn ahead and knew they were going to merge before they allowed the transfers .....

    They certainly wouldn't intennnnntionally have people pay for transfers to a specific server, ... and then blow up those servers so the transfer was compleeeetely pointless.


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    If current publisher enough wise - it will make a compensation for transfers in credits, possible with small gift. Otherwise - publisher will get a greedy status and another one minus in reputation, but it already nobody cares...

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