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Thread: A new Start on Legacy or Unchained?

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    Question A new Start on Legacy or Unchained?

    Hello Everyone,

    i have played both the original game and unchained around their launch and was thinking about giving AA another try. Since I would probably have to start more or less from the beginning I wanted to ask what is currently the better choice? Legacy or Unchained? In regards to P2W, Land, Catch Up, ...

    Sorry I tried to search but did not directly find this topic.

    Thank you for your replies.

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    AAU. You will get "free" patron without monthly APEX and less p2w shop (?). AAU is younger, but there are many high GS players already. All servers will merge to extreme high population servers.
    If you start the game now you have a chance to get lands in landrush after merge. (You can get lunar/solar/stellar farms maybe and/o gazebo. +treehouse maybe. ) . There are some players who left the game or you can chose low population server and you will get free spots. All your built houses and farms will send you in mail as "kit" (you don't have to invest time and materials to build up again).

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