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Thread: Good solo class?

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    Good solo class?

    Hey all, so I've been playing the Fresh Start server, but as I've already fallen behind the leveling curve of the server and I play in the later evenings, I'm always stuck alone. The problem is I keep running into people who can easily kill me, and then I end up getting camped when they realize I'm easy prey. The last two evenings I've done nothing but get killed while trying to quest in Rookborne Basin.

    I'm level 49 now, I've tried playing both Confessor (I like healing) and Darkrunner, but I find myself getting quickly destroyed constantly. As Confessor I was just getting killed in a few hits, and as Darkrunner I am getting stunned and then killed quickly. This game makes me feel so bad at PVP lol.

    Is there a class that's generally considered decent for solo and maybe doing a little better in PVP?

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    I main questline through hostile areas Only when they are in peace. If they are not in peace, I will do other stuff or do stuff with my Alts. Its the low stress method of completing mainline and blue salt questlines.

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    There is no realy hybrid build what is good in pve and pvp alike. You can build a pve toon, or just a pvp toon. I would do this with alts: 1 pvp, 1 pve.

    A pvp player and when attacked will kill you anyhow in 1- or if a bad pvp player will hit you twice and ... toast.

    I play a fanatic. It is good for pve and can do alot of damage in pve. When I do a surprise pvp attack I can also insta kill another player with same EP or lower. When a higher class as I am.... it gets very difficult.

    When attacked by another pvp player atm I can not take alot of dmg (leather gear, zepter, 1H sword) so I am mostly toast anyhow.

    But as I am not considering AA/AAU a good pvp game I do not focus to much on this game mechanics anyhow and go with pve. When you go to a pvp zone make sure you have no honor coins, so they get nothing killing you.

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