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Thread: Gunslinger Class

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    Gunslinger Class

    Anything out there in regards of build- gear/skills/rotation?

    There are some youtubes out there, but mostly senseless and waste of time to watch cause they are A) in Korean B) battlefield fights without any explanation.

    Right now I try the Bounty Hunter class I am not sure of yet: Gunslinger/Shadowplay/Auramancy
    Leather gear: Scepter : 2x Dagger : Gun : Flute

    Not sure about skills and rotation yet.

    Any ideas appreciated.

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    It depends on how you want to play it, but assuming you want to use it as DPS the basic premise is that you need to get stacks of adrenaline up, then you use room sweeper to get showdown running, and you keep using room sweeper to keep your showdown active while you fight. Showdown reduces your cooldowns by 60%, add a grimoire and any other cooldown reducing items so that you are pretty much spamming attack skills and only need to use your any time attack once in awhile. What rotation I am not really sure yet since I haven't been playing this way, using the tree more as utility.

    Right now building 60 stacks is a pain, imo, and its hard to manage those stacks because Fight or Flight is not working. Apparently once we get the ancestral abilities it is much easier to build stacks, which relieves some of the pressure, and mana pots/soups, of trying to keep showdown up.

    I am still not convinced its a viable method of DPS given you are forced into melee range to do decent dmg and you get none of the tools melee has to mitigate incoming dmg. You need to select your other trees wisely to help with the limitations, and set your gear up accordingly.

    I personally been playing it as Deathtrigger to get used to it, using the utility of the tree, but its hard to manage your stacks and later Showdown if you are in a tough PvP fight. If you are winning its easy enough, but if you are on the ropes all the time... cc'd a lot, dying a lot, I just end up ignoring it and use room sweeper for the auto crit.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Edwardo. Have to look at it and consider, basically I would like to use it as DPS. Deathtrigger- have to check that too. Maybe abit better then. Right now my Bounty Hunter is abit slow/ attack wise but with the right rotation (Collateral Damage) it does alot of dmg.

    Ancestral skills I realy miss them too. Somehow I feel I bought an unfinished product.

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