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Thread: Help with new build idea?

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    Question Help with new build idea?

    Hey guys, I found a player using the following build, Gunslinger, archery and defense, his main status was between 60% -70% stam, and 40% -30% agility, using 1h + shield ... He was with 6k GS and said that the build was extremely tank and still managed to hit some HK combos with sniper or collateral + backdraft. He was using plate + Magic shield, but said that the best option would be leather + physical shield. Do you think this would be a viable build for mass pvp ??? if so, would it be good to use some lib parts together to get the attack speed bonus?

    this also led me to think about another build option, Full leather + 2h mace and 60-70 (str or spirit) + 30-40 (str or spirit), using Vitalism + Battlerage + anything. The idea would be to combine the ability to heal themselves to stay alive and to be able to enter among enemies and use both some Vitalism skills (such as impalement) and also use the most boring battlerage skills, such as charge + whirwind slash and behind lines. Or maybe for something like that to work, exchange leather for plate or cloth + P or Magic shield?

    I hope that someone with more experience in the game or who has tried something similar recently can help me before I progress, so that I don't end up investing in the wrong way in my items ...

    all that because um tired to be oneshoted by something that i didnt even see, but id like to be in the midle of crowded fights.

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    I would not recommend this yet, because:

    -Gunslinger is an unfinished product. You can not even activated Ancestral skills because it is not in the game. PvP or endgame you would miss alot of dmg this way

    - Gunslinger is mainly for Archers, or Archer builds. So you have to keep this in consideration. Leather armor would be the best way to go with it, pretty much with the same stats as an Archer would go with.

    Then try the class as Gunslinger/Shadowplay/Auramancy (Bounty Hunter) or maybe Deathtrigger (I try this atm).

    But be aware as with leather gear you are suspect to be "oneshoted" anyhow The only trick here would be a tank with alot of self heal (Templar w/plate and defense/vital/auramancy and in endgame this would pretty much be "neverdie". But a gunslinger as a tank? No.

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