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Thread: Just came back / Server selection

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    Just came back / Server selection

    Hi, guys! After a looooong time (legacy AA founder player), I decided to try AA again with ArcheAge Unchained, and now I'm wondering which server should I play in. I'm trying to join the Fresh Start Server (Godfrey), but I get an error message telling me that I'm "unable to connect to server". Do you know why is this happening?

    Also, any newb advice would be welcome.


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    The new fresh start server can only be accessed if:
    * you bought AAU after a certain date (guess it was the launch of the FS servers)
    * you bought AAU before that date AND you bought the akash DLC

    So if you bought it before that date, you need to buy the DLC. If you bought it after that date, something is wrong because you should be able to access the FS servers.
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    WHAT???!!! Are you telling me that there's actually DLC that have to be PAID for in ArcheAge UNCHAINED??? I bought AAU as soon as it was released (but didn't actually decided to play it until now) under the promise that there will be no P2W content and no pay to play content either. This was in the very heart and soul of AAU. What a disappointment.

    Anyway, thanks for answering.

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    You need buy game for play in AAU October 2019
    You need buy DLC "Garden" or buy game for Fresh Start Server in June 2020
    You need buy DLC "Gunsliger" or buy game for Fresh Start Server in March 2021

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