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    Patch Notes - June Update

    The June Update has arrived! Experience a new challenge with the revamped Crimson and Grimghast Rifts, as well as renewed Instances, or become the strongest Gunslinger of them all with its new Ancestral Skills.

    Take part in the Drenched Festival, benefit from a discount in the Arena Shop, or search for Riches from the Depths.

    The choice is yours! These and more await you in our latest update to ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

    Grimghast Rift Revamp

    Grimghast Rift gets an update! Experience additional content in the Grimghast Rift event activity. After you have successfully completed the usual quests and defeated the Nightmare Bowstring and Nightmare Blade bosses, you can choose to continue the fight.

    Choose to continue the fight and the Nightmare Totem is summoned from the ground. Destroy the Nightmare Totem within the given time frame and two portals will spawn. Each will take you to a different place, challenging you to defeat either the Nightmare Pit Fiend or Nightmare Incubus boss and their army. Choose the Grimghast Rift portal to challenge the Nightmare Pit Fiend, and choose the Crimson Rift portal to challenge the Nightmare Incubus. A respective quest is auto-accepted.

    Successfully killing the Nightmare Pit Fiend and its horde rewards you with 1600 Honor Points, 10 Leadership, and 10 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits. If you choose the Crimson Rift portal and successfully defeat the Nightmare Incubus, you will be rewarded with 1600 Honor Points, 10 Leadership, and 1 Superior Lunarite Pouch.

    Once that is done, the final Portal appears, bringing you back to the original event location. But behold! Once you're back, the final boss awaits you. Defeat the sinister Nightmare Glaive, and be rewarded with 5 Gilda Stars and 20 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits upon its death.

    For death and glory, adventurer!

    Crimson Rift Revamp

    The Crimson Rift receives an update! Your favorite fights are now a little bit harder but also more enjoyable - with even more rewards!

    When the Crimson Rift reaches Rank 5, a Shadow Totem appears - destroy it to face some new creatures! But hurry, you need to destroy it within two minutes to trigger the next phase!

    Once demolished, welcome the Shadow Fiend, Shadow Succubus, Shadow Incubus, and Shadow Manticore, and get ready for a challenging battle.

    Successfully beating these creatures in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere summons the final boss Shadow Fang! Defeat it to succeed in these brand new additions to the Crimson Rift.

    In Auroria, the Shadow Totem only appears when Anthalon is defeated. If you're up for the challenge you have the opportunity to face Xarkath, the final boss of Auroria's Crimson Rift!

    The Crimson Rift appears in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere at 12 PM, and in Sungold Fields at 6 PM server time.

    Crimson Rift: Quests

    Along with the new monsters, new quests are now available!
    You can now reach Rank 7 with these 4 new quests. Accept the new Rank 4 quest at the Nui's Shield Recruiter and follow the instructions to reach Rank 7 by completing them all!

    The Rank 5 to 7 quests are auto-acquired by aggroing the monsters, so keep fighting and be rewarded!

    Completing the Crimson Rift quests grants Improved Infusion Supply Kits.

    Glorious Winterglow Lunagems

    With the new Grimghast Rift and Crimson Rift bosses comes new loot! Have a chance to acquire Unidentified Glorious Winterglow Lunagems when defeating Nightmare Glaive, Shadow Fang, or Xarkath. Identifying the Unidentified Glorious Winterglow Lunagem randomly grants one of the following Glorious Winterglow Lunagems:

    Instance Renewal

    ○ Players from all factions can now team up together in a party of 5 to clear Sea of Drowned Love
    • Can be accessed via Menu > Instance > Dungeons (Shift+; ).
    • Cannot enter an instance if the character is under Waiting Trial, Prisoner, or Overburdened effects.
    • Can enter up to 3 times per day. Consuming the Superior Grinding Guardian Scroll can reset the entry, allowing players to enter up to 20 times.
    ○ Characters can now access Greater Dungeons via Menu > Instance > Dungeons (Shift+; ).
    ○ Removed Greater Dungeon options from the Raid Recruit/Search dropdown menu.
    ○ Updated Greater Dungeon List

    Gunslinger: Ancestral Skills

    Ancestral Skills have been added to the Gunslinger Skillset!

    ○ Ceaseless Fire - Ancestral Lv 1
    • Flame: Fires several bullets, increases Ranged Attack, and can only be used on a single target. Also has an increased Global Cooldown.
    • Lightning: Inflicts AOE Damage in front of the caster. Has a reduced Global Cooldown.
    ○ Corrosive Barrage [Stone] - Ancestral Lv 4
    • Changes the effect of Corrosion.
    • Decreases target’s Defense 17% per stack. (Basic: Decreases target’s Defense and Magic Defense -10% per stack.)
    ○ Backdraft [Lightning] - Ancestral Lv 7
    • Casts instantly but has a decreased Silence duration and a longer Cooldown.
    • Cooldown: 25 seconds (Basic: 16 seconds)
    • Silence Duration: 1.5 sec (Basic: 2 seconds)
    ○ Splinter Shell [Flame] - Ancestral Lv 10
    • Fires a bullet that inflicts AOE Damage equal to 1% of targets’ current Health in PvE and 2% in PvP.
    • If the target is a World Boss, the bullet deals the initial damage.
    ○ Collateral Damage [Quake] - Ancestral Lv13
    • Has an increased Ranged Attack, and the skill never misses
    • Creates a powerful wave.
    • Powerful Wave: Inflicts Damage equal to 8% of target's Max Health, to up to 20 enemies within a 5m radius.
    • If the target is a World Boss, the bullet deals only the initial damage.

    Skill Adjustments

    Gunslinger Skill Adjustments

    ○ Ceaseless Fire
    • The range has been increased to 22m from 15m.
    ○ Corrosive Barrage
    • The range has been increased to 22m from 17m.
    ○ Backdraft
    • Equipping a rifle allows you to hit up to 10 enemies, with tripled base damage.
    ○ Blight Bolt
    • Can also be used on a raid member without Corrosion, inflicting them with the Blight effects for 7 sec.
    • The range has been increased to 22m from 17m.
    ○ Vicious Rebuke
    • Deals Ranged Damage with an additional Damage based on the caster's current health
    - Caster’s Health below 70%: Damage +230%
    - Caster’s Health below 30%: Damage +330%
    • The range has been increased to 22m from 20m.
    • Removed the use requirement, can be used without getting hit by a Critical Hit.
    • Removed the text "This skill never misses".
    ○ Trigger Happy
    • Increased Skill Damage to +15% from +5% on victims of Blight.
    • Increased the additional hit range.
    • Removed the additional hit feature. Changed to that the maximum damage can be caused at the maximum range.
    ○ Collateral Damage
    • Adjusted the range of the second explosion.
    ○ Rifle Mastery - Reduced the Increased Skill Damage from Gunslinger Skills to +7%
    ○ Bullet Rain: Grants +2 Adrenaline Stacks when using Ceaseless Fire instead of +1.

    Malediction Skill Adjustments

    ○ Fury instantly grants 5 stacks of Malice Charges.
    ○ The effects of certain Malediction skills are enhanced, when used with the appropriate amount of Malice Charges.

    Other Adjustments

    ○ Complete Cloth Equip Buff: Now decreases Silence duration by -50% instead of -30%.

    Farmhand: Equipment Awakening

    Awaken your Farmhand Equipment for even better efficiency!

    Introducing the brand new Farmhand Awakening Scroll, bring all your farmhand's equipment to a Veteran level.

    Use a Farmhand Awakening Scroll to awaken your Gathering, Farming, Logging, Husbandry, Trade equipment into Veteran equipment, and get some additional stats!

    Having a full awakened set will also provide you a Set Effect:
    • Bonus Harvest Chance +2%
    • Production Time -2%
    • Trade Cost -2%
    • Trade Duration -2%

    Veteran Farmhand Equipment: Gathering

    Veteran Farmhand Equipment: Farming

    Veteran Farmhand Equipment: Logging

    Veteran Farmhand Equipment: Husbandry

    Veteran Farmhand Equipment: Trade

    Spend 10 Labor and a Farmhand Awakening Scroll to awaken the equipment.

    Equipment: Synthesis Effect Changes

    The equipment synthesis effects related to Received Damage on the following equipment have been adjusted: Hiram Guardian Equipment, Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipment, Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment, Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment, Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment, Radiant Erenor Equipment, Brilliant Erenor Equipment, Immortal Warden's Equipment

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    Other Changes

    ○ The following adjustments are made to the Teleport Book UI:
    • The current number of saved teleports and the maximum amount of teleports that can be saved are now displayed.
    • Teleports that have become unavailable for the character due to the change of faction are now displayed separately and can be deleted.
    • Recall Points that are not available for the character's current faction cannot be used.
    • The character will have to save a new Recall Point that is available for the character's faction.
    ○ Improved the visual indicators for the Main Story Quests in Ipnya Ridge.
    ○ Updated the quest completion details of the quest “Nachen's Vengeance.” This is one of the quests from the Untold Legends (Dream Ring Quests).
    • Players now have to defeat Tough Pirate instead of Morpheus the Deathtrigger.
    ○ Increased the number of max. participants for the Akasch Invasion.
    • Nuia: 125 -> 200 players
    • Haranya: 125 -> 200 players
    • Pirate: 50 -> 100 players
    ○ Adjusted the Akasch Invasion difficulty to accommodate the max. participant increase.
    • Updated the point gains of the Akasch faction:
    - Defeating players +10.
    - Members of the Akasch occupying an area +8 every 5 sec, during the first 1 min.
    - Members of the Akasch occupying an area +10 every 5 sec, after the first 2 min.
    - Members of the Akasch occupying an area +12 every 5 sec, after the first 3 min.
    - Members of the Akasch occupying an area +14 every 5 sec, after the first 4 min.
    - Members of the Akasch occupying an area +16 every 5 sec, after the first 5 min.
    • Adjusted the skill effects of Elite monsters in the Akasch Invasion.
    • The Ipnysh Protection buff is applied to the entire Ethereal Haven.
    ○ Stat Migration items (that decreases one stat and increases another) can be used even when the maximum stats have been migrated.
    • If Stat Migration items decrease a greater amount than the previous increased amount, the item cannot be consumed.
    ○ Added “7-day Averages” and “Buyout Price per Unit” information to the Auction House Purchase/Bid UI.
    ○ Added a button on the top right side of the Map that can make the Map transparent.
    ○ Chat scrolls can now be controlled by the mouse wheel properly. No more furious mouse-clicking and dragging!
    ○ Moved the “Show Weapons/Gliders Over Costumes” option to the bottom of Back Slot Display Priority.
    • Back Slot Display Priority must be selected to use the “Show Weapons/Gliders Over Costumes” option.
    ○ Improved the Cargo and Specialty UI.
    • Combined the Buy Cargo and the Trade Details UI.
    • Improved the Exchange Cargo UI design.
    • Removed the Calculated Factors from the Buy/Exchange Cargo UI.
    • Added the profit information to the Exchange Cargo UI.
    • The Sell Specialty and the Details windows are separated.
    • The related NPCs now have two interaction options.
    - F key - Sell Specialty
    - G key - Details
    • Added a search feature to the Specialty Details.
    • The reset button has a 60-sec cooldown.
    ○ Added a Confirm button to the following UIs: Alliance History, Siege Squad, Rank Details, Enhance Equipment Slot (Current Effects, Artifact Effects), Private Trade, and adjusting item quantity.
    • The remaining time is displayed as a timer bar.
    ○ The design of the following UIs has been updated: Seedbeds (Plant Seeds), Adoption Preparation, Prepare Statue, Paint, and Soothe Soul (Mounts, Battle Pets, Powerstone Pets)
    ○ Changed the Building Remodel popup window design. (The right side of the UI)
    ○ Updated the item icon and the weapon appearance for the Immortal Warden's Rifle.
    ○ Characters are no longer able to use Cannons or use Oars if the swimming or jumping animation is active.
    ○ Added the Scroll: Rampage GT to the “Urban Chameleon” Achievement Completion requirements.
    ○ Updated the Relic Merchant's UI.
    ○ A Complete button is added that is activated after claiming the ArchePass Basic Final reward.
    ○ Shortened the texts on the Crest creation window.
    ○ Added new boss monsters to the defeating world boss missions.
    ○ Adjusted Map and Mini Map of the new trade route in Solis Headlands.
    ○ The following features are added to the Marketplace:
    • Improved the overall visibility of the Marketplace window.
    • Added a sorting option.
    • Added a preview option to certain products.
    • Added a discount rate tag.
    • Added the remaining available purchase count for the products with limited purchase settings.
    • Changed the way to display the time-limited product’s sale period.
    ○ Adjusted the required Gearscore for the following Instances:
    • Red Dragon's Keep: 6000 points > 5000 points
    • Kadum: 6000 points > 8000 points
    • Golden Plains Battle: 4000 points > 8000 points
    ○ Simplified the festival event tokens.
    • Discontinued event tokens can be sold to Merchants for 1 silver.
    • The existing token exchange recipes will be taking the discontinued tokens for now. Recipes will be updated when the renewed events come back.
    • From now on, new event tokens will be Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter event tokens.
    ○ Added a new feature to the Instance Team Recruit, Quick Enter.
    • Quick Enter is only available for Greater Dungeons.
    • Based on the settings, a single player or a Team can enter the dungeon via Quick Enter.
    • The Team Lead can choose one of the settings: Enter Alone or Participate with Party Members.
    • Teams created via Quick Enter do not appear on Recruit/Search.
    • Quick Enter lets players enter the dungeon right away, skipping the match-making system.
    • The command “/teaminvite” can be used for Quick Enter Teams.
    ○ Improved the text description when marking a farmhand.
    • "If the building is demolished, the Owner’s Mark is automatically removed." is now "If the building is demolished or remodeled, the Owner’s Mark is automatically removed."
    ○ Increased Abyssal Paralysis Damage to contesting faction members during the Nehliya event.
    • The faction that has spawned the boss now only has 5 minutes of head-start in Peace (previously 10 minutes).

    Bug Fixes

    ○ Fixed an issue where Siege Ammo could be crafted in the Golden Plains Battle instance
    ○ Removed the 2 bobblehead dolls floating in mid-air on Mirage Isle
    ○ Fixed an issue where a missed shot of Ceaseless Fire on a victim of Discord would trigger the Combo floating text
    ○ Fixed the incorrect Combo information in the Retribution's (Mist) tooltip
    ○ Fixed the Temple Priestess placed in a wrong location in Mahadevi
    ○ Fixed an issue where Frozen Snowflower Pipe was missing in the "Musician" Achievement Completion requirements
    ○ Fixed an issue where some monsters in Arcane Academy, Mysthrane Gorge, were moving incorrectly
    ○ Fixed an issue where the quest "In the Footsteps of Gods and Heroes" could not be accepted
    ○ Fixed an issue where Akasch Invasion Victory/Defeat buffs could be removed if characters were Revived in Ipnya Ridge by the Vitalism skill
    ○ Fixed an issue where Aquafarm Bundle recipes wouldn’t be displayed on the Improved Scarecrow Farm crafting window
    ○ Fixed an issue where using the "Archer" emote while equipping a rifle was visually unnatural
    ○ Fixed an issue where Wrathful Black Dragon Roar and Ferocious Black Dragon Roar weapons were affected by "Mind Over Matter", a Sorcery passive skill
    ○ Fixed an issue where Grand or higher grade instruments didn’t count towards the Achievement "Musician"
    ○ Fixed an issue where using Mail Owl or Personal Warehouse at a public building would open a public building information UI
    ○ Fixed an issue where players could not fish in fresh water in Ipnya Ridge
    ○ Fixed an issue where the character's Move Speed could be incorrect in a certain condition when using a Transformation Elixir
    ○ Fixed an issue where clicking the item icon on the item Uncloaking window wouldn't let players check or uncheck the selection
    ○ Fixed an issue where some plants had the wrong mature time information on their tooltips
    ○ Fixed an issue where characters could get stuck in the Ironclad’s cannon if they attempted to use the normal cannon on an inclined terrain
    ○ Fixed an issue where logging Yucca Trees wouldn’t trigger the logging animation
    ○ The Armor of Darkness buff from monsters in Sea of Drowned Love can no longer be Leeched
    ○ Fixed an issue where characters could take incorrect damage in a certain location during the Risopoda event
    ○ Fixed an issue where Auroran Cargo couldn’t be submitted to the faction statues
    ○ Fixed an issue where some skills were disabled after dismounting from a mount
    ○ Improved the projectile and the skill VFX for Lightning Ceaseless Fire
    ○ Updated the in-game text description regarding ArchePass mission limits:
    • The following text has been removed: "The limit is shared across all characters on the account."

    Known Issues

    ○ Vicious Rebuke's tooltip mentions the additional Damage is based on the Target's Health. This is incorrect, as it is based on the Caster's Health.
    ○ Rifle Mastery - The increased Skill Damage from Gunslinger Skills has not been reduced to +7% while it should have.
    ○ Occasionally, the Veteran Farmhand equipment doesn't trigger correctly. To circumvent this issue, please unequip a piece of the equipment, wait a little bit, and put it back on after.

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