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Thread: Where to get Farmhand Awakening Scroll ?

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    Question Where to get Farmhand Awakening Scroll ?

    cant find where to get this scroll. any idea?

    Farmhand Awakening Scroll


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    In Korea , the scroll in the CashShop . Here Gamigo does not inform the players on the how ? the why ?

    Unfortunately for us, a lot of things are announced but nothing is explained and without any precision

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    Gamigo, you can help the players. In the patch note you noted that the Farmer Scrolls have arrived. So where ?

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    There is no ETA known at the moment, but they could come at any time through a Marketplace Update
    Soon, available before 2022.

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    if it's true your information, players won't wait until 2022. They are really lost Gamigo.

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    I am kinda behind on this thread, but question...they published the information as being part of the June 2021 update release and implemented. Apparently the markets where there are not Professional Player for AA (yes, they have teams of pro video game and MMO players the same as US has Sports Teams), such as US and (maybe) EU, are left to languish. Not a good way to maintain a user base.

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