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    Items deleted after merge too soon

    I read very very clearly that the items in our mail that were sent there because of the last merge would stay for ONE YEAR. It has not been one year but over 100 items/emails have been deleted with irreplaceable stuff I can never get back. I tried taking them out before (just in case) but since the game made them untradeable during the merge, I had no where to put it all and couldn't share with a non-patron character to hold it. For example, I had all but two of the books in the game, about 30 books all together. They are all gone. I spent hundreds of hours acquiring these items and now poof! Please tell me you can replace all my items that were deleted in the last month. I am beyond angry. If these items are not returned, I'm done. No more money for you, I have been here since this game was launched and can't believe I've been treated this way. I know you probably don't care you're losing 1 paying account but it needs to be said.

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    Hello Moriah! When exactly did the mails go missing?

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