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    Mariage on Hieronimus

    Hear ye Hear ye, people of Nuia and Haranya.

    It should be announced to all ladies and gentlemen that the honorable LordSandro and the lovely Lady Sherin intend to take their marriage vows before Nui's benevolent gaze,

    with testimony from all invited ladies and gentlemen.

    If you would like to attend the solemn ceremony, please send an owl mail to Lady Nentasya (in German) or Lady Xaveria (in English)
    so that you can get a description of the location of the festivities.

    The ceremony will take place on Sunnday at the 4th hour after the sun has reached its highest point according to the Universal Standard Time.

    The physical well-being of the guests will be taken care of.

    The bride and groom ask that all decorations be left untouched that they appear in appropriate clothing for the celebration.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    Lady Sherin
    Lord Sandro

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