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    Jake Song Garbage Rewards

    Yes I'm gonna be that whiny $^&#. The prizes aren't worth the electricity to leave the game running getting coins for a list of boring items. And the prizes are pricey. Like 15 tokens for just 5 infusion crates. ONE serendipity stone isn't worth grinding 150 of them. How about some awakening scrolls? Maybe a costume possibly a couple more decor items? I swear nothing beats legacy's 1st anniversary when the introduced the Hellkissed weapons(before they became skins). Maybe some new skins in general? Or maybe give a little more than 5 infusion boxes for that 15 tokens.
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    The Synthesis Event doesn't give prizes - it gives a boost to synthesis rates. It seems you mean the 7th Anniversary Event?

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    Why EU/NA have the worst event of archeage every time ?
    Why other region KR/JP/CN/RU/SEA have always better event ?
    Is it really hard to ask players what they want to have as an event?, oh wait nvm, you did, and give us back the underwater treasure, but instead of 100-300-1000G pack, we got 1-2-3G item inside it, thanks you gamigo.

    Here is some event we never got :

    Aria Concert
    Mirage Car Race (Into the Sky)
    Mirage Maze (Maze Runner)
    Tomb of the Forgotten Royal Family
    Black Thorn Prison
    Planting a Tree of Hope / Wish Tree
    Dream Event (Moo Land's)
    Daru's prank!
    Yateo and Greeniette's Crossroads of Love
    Treasure Hunter (mirage)

    Please, stop making worthless event, no one want to do them, not even new player, because there is literaly nothing usefull on it.
    You have to make new event, or giving us better reward. There is multiple game openning, and tbh, i can understand why everyone leave archeage when you clearly don't even try to make us play the game.

    Where are the real event ?
    Where is the rest of the 7.5 Update (The other Halcy Map) ?
    Where is 8.0 ? You waiting other game to open to release DLC ? One last Milk ?
    Why did we wait 4 month for T2 Farm hand Scroll, when other region got it day 1 of the new patch ?
    Why there is no stream or communication from "lead developper" for EU/NA ?
    Why Jake didn't done his talk about archeage on EU/NA, but did on KR/SEA/JP/RU/CN lol ?
    Where is the PTS ?
    Where is the Merge ?
    Are you gonna announce us the game closure at the end of the year ?

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    I agree with farmage .
    7th Anniversary Event is just an AFK event and the rewards are even less then other events this year
    Compared to other anniversary events in de past its just ... hmm I cant even decribe it...maybe because you cant even call it an anniversary event.
    Syntheses event I dont see a part of the anniversary event because we get this several times per year.
    With an anniversary you would expect something new and something fun and special as we had in past during the first 4/5 years after that it got less every year.

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    I had a rant going but i'll start over and calmly ask you; please, stop forcing people to stay online to get rewards. It's annoying, wasteful and not fun. Give us events where we actually get to do fun stuff for rewards that makes a difference. When i got back after a long break i timed it real well with Freedom festival and Riches of the depths etc. We got to do fun stuff and we got rewarded for doing it and then we were free to log out or keep playing as we wished. That's an event.

    And a game like Archeage with its grindy nature need events. Don't be cheap. We all bought the game, it's not F2P. And you aren't doing yourself any favors being cheap with events and rewards since we all know AA:U doesn't have much left to bargain with in relation to player numbers. Make the game fun, do fun events and catch up mechanics(or events) so we can get some fresh blood in here too.

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    Yeah, I took a look at the items, and I agree. They are not worth making an effort to stay online.

    I do like the beer event tho.


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