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Thread: Vote to limit the available pirate slots again

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    Question Vote to limit the available pirate slots again

    Recently on Okape server there is a pirate problem going out of hand.
    There are too many of them.
    Haranya is already basically dead and now they are denying everything to Nuia.
    By this rate there will not be any people left to play the game.
    Would be great to make the available pirate slots limited again.
    Support asked me to create this topic to see the overall opinion about that.
    So if anyone is concern about that too, please tell here.
    Thank you.

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    Nice rigged poll.
    5 Votes from 5 accounts that were all created today within a short time frame.

    It would have been a great question but not like this, thank you.
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    I just returned to the game and brought along with me several new players to try it out. We want to play together but wanted to be different races which ended up putting half of us on west and the other half on east.

    Since player nations are supposedly dead, our plan was to go pirate once we've geared up so we can pvp and play together as one unit.

    Limiting pirate slots is going to make it harder for friend groups like ours to link up. Instead consider suggesting benefits that could be added to the two mainstream nations to make staying on them more attractive.

    No support for pirate slot limit.

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