Adventurers, your contribution to the world of Erenor is priceless. And to show you just how much we appreciate you, we’ve decided to provide a bonus to all Credit Packages, regardless of price points! Beginning on September 14, 2021, you will be able to take advantage of this bonus on all Credit Packages for a limited time in ArcheAge!

How do I receive my Bonus Credits?

Grab your shopping bags because we’re offering you an incredible 30% bonus on all our Credit Packs! And what’s more: you can purchase as many Packs as you want, and you guessed it, you’ll receive a 30% bonus on each purchase! Browse and purchase Credit packs for ArcheAge here.

Please note that purchasing Credits for ArcheAge will only work on the ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers while purchasing Credits for ArcheAge: Unchained will only work on the ArcheAge: Unchained servers. Additionally, packs that include items and Credits will not receive the respective bonus Credits.

Take advantage of this Bonus Credit offer before it vanishes on September 17 at 2 PM UTC (7 AM PDT)! You can’t miss this opportunity!