Morpheus NA - East
No one knows who we are, but they will...


Unknown is comprised of individuals from multiple end game guilds that have played since alpha release in Archeage. We've obtained multiple castles on Aranzeb and held those since that time. A large portion of the core took a break following the cash shop issues but others continued on and are still dominating there, even today. Communication and organization are crucial in any MMO, but especially in Archeage. Our leadership will provide this.


+We will be a presence on Morpheus.
+We are looking to obtain multiple seats in the new Hero system with 2.0.
+We will be participating in PvP and the new GvG system.
+We will establish and maintain continental and intercontinental trade.
+We will farm PvE content to further our status in other PvX aspects.
+Castle siege and acquisition are a high priority for us. With the unknowns from Trion, it is hard to say if we will be able to obtain on launch or not, but we will have one.


-East Faction - Morpheus NA.
-18+ mature environment: Have fun, but know maturity and focus are sometimes required. Know when to turn it on/off.
-General knowledge of the game is a must. If you don't have it, at least be willing to be coached.
-Communicate. be clear and concise about what your expectations and goals are. If those change, let us know.
-Be active. We aren't looking for you to play 15+ hours a day, but log in daily and participate. Inactivity will only hurt your game play experience.
-Let our actions speak, keep out of faction/shout/etc chats.


Apply here: