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Thread: Founders Prices

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    Founders Prices

    Just a quick poll to see how people feel about the Founders Pack prices without reading 10687856 pages.

    I have done a bit of work and this is an estimation based on the prices of services and items in ArcheAge(US), Rift, ArcheAge(RU), and other games with similar services.

    Three months of Patron Access= $45
    11,250 Credits= $75 Value
    Desert Assassin Platemail= $10
    Crest Reagents= $3
    6 Daru Chests= $6
    10 Evenstones= $3
    10 Hereafter Stones= $3
    Glass Phoenix Glider= $7
    Title: "Trailblazer"= $5
    Founder Cloak= $3

    That's $160.00, not including:

    Alpha and/or Beta Access
    4-Day Patron Head Start

    So, Archeum is worth ~$160.
    Gold has a ~$112 value.
    While Silver only has a ~$40 value.

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    omg id rather pay $1000!

    $150 isnt enough!!!!

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    $150 is a bit much for a starving student like myself.

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    A big reason why I think the packs are somewhat overpriced, so that only the omega hyped will buy is that it's limited anyways. I don't think they want many people to buy the founder's packs. More people would probably buy it if it was $100 and they don't even want that many people in Alpha anyways. If they did, they would lower credits and kept 3 months + alpha for $100. But they didn't lol.

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    Just milking this ♥♥♥♥ out of poor people that are unable to wait anymore, there is little, to very little effort put into the translation of this game, this localization is a joke and many things are just poorly copy pasted, even the "founder" packs aren't different than what as already been made for kor / ru / ♥♥♥ and chinese version, it's almost identical, so i don't see a lot being done by "trion" itself to deserve such a joke of a price on this game, it's all xl games greed in full action + the middle man's profit in between, people just don't realise how stupidly greedy they are, not only to mention this joke of an alpha that basically wasn't to test any bugs nor dedicate any team to test the many bug exploits and cheats being used on the other version to bullet proof it.

    It's overpriced considering other version's prices that were much more reasonable, and the localization / voice overs and translations aren't even finished / complete and done yet, what are you really "founding" there ? Everything is almost handed to them by xl games.

    That's a sad joke.

    I didn't mind paying that kind of price for the collector edition of Rift years ago, as they have really done it themselves, but this is just over the top for the little effort put into this, if any had played other versions you can see through this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    Bronze option for 25-30 bucks please :P
    Praise the Sun! \[T]/

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    I don't really care, but this is funny so:

    "Reading is optional in online games" -jahlon, contestant for best post ever.
    Find a funny bug? Share it! | I am Nomad. | Priestess of Nui keeps trying to pay me Guilda stars to get me to hang out at her place. #CrazyGirlFriend

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    Hey look, a reasonable thread about the Founders Packs!

    Just milking this ♥♥♥♥ out of poor people that are unable to wait anymore
    Well, except this guy.

    How is it that an optional pre-game pack is "milking the ♥♥♥♥ out of poor people"? Cheer up a bit.

    I am pretty confident that nearly everyone calling Trion and/or XL Games "greedy" has no idea what their balance sheets say right now.

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    Founders Packs

    Give all founders packs access to alpha.

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    Three months of Patron Access= $39 (13 a month for sub is already a lot for a f2p, i don't see why this f2p game would be 3 x the price of ru or other versions for a month)
    11,250 Credits= $57 Value (as stated in shop page)
    Desert Assassin Platemail= $0 (cosmetic ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)
    Crest Reagents= $0 (really ? paying for pixels, in this day and age ? )
    6 Daru Chests= $0 ( I don't catter to this kind of things either, your pixel and virtual items don't sell to me. )
    10 Evenstones= $0 (Why should i pay for something available to craft in game ? )
    10 Hereafter Stones= $0 ( Same as above )
    Glass Phoenix Glider= $0 (Seriously ? not considering this have any value either, It's pay to win from start of the game, you will be able to catch anyone that hasn't a founder pack by gliding over them in pvp zones no tricks, no traps ?)
    Title: "Trailblazer"= $0 (Pay to win at it's best, + 3 to all stats, no tricks, no traps ? )
    Founder Cloak= $0 ( Another pixel item, and i guess it will have stats as any other cloack in the game have, so it's another bonus from the start that has no place in the "no tricks, no traps" stuff trion obviously isn't following )

    Alpha & Beta Access : passable, this is not a real Alpha, nor it will be a true beta either, voss clearly stated it, they don't really need to test the game, just their "localization" bugs, more to say, their lack of translation in many parts that could be pointed out by people, and that is all.

    4-Day Patron Head Start : nice ! cattering to big guilds that will obviously raid and run for all the best spot all around with their scarecrows and leave jack♥♥♥♥ left to the non founder's people that will strive to put anything anywhere, way to favoritize over armies of sheeps and fanbois.

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