I don't mean the class, I mean the role - people who take contracts to hunt down other players and/or mobs. Any guilds like this? (Salphira)


Also again, I mean the role. I'm looking for explorers and adventurers.

In OBT I managed to get to the isle beyond the red dragon's lair as a level 1. Despite level 48 monsters all in my way. I literally jumped over the mountains in the newbie area, scooted around tons of mobs, went through the dragon graveyard, survived a sharp fall into the ocean, and swam until the game tele'd me out for "getting close to an unreleased area".

That's how hardcore my adventuring is. I also managed to steal a rowboat from an afk dude in the middle of the ocean once. Basically, that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for in a guild. (Ollo)